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    These 10 Questions Requiring You To Use Your Imagination Will Tell You Many Things About Yourself

    The deep truths that lie within you.

    During this process, you'll use your imagination to visualize things, then you'll click to reveal the meaning of what you visualized.

    Let's begin: Imagine a block of ice. Frozen inside of the ice block, picture a key.

    1. How large was the key?

    Tampatra / Getty Images

    2. How large was the ice block?

    Wacomka / Getty Images

    3. How close to the center of the block is the key?

    Goodlifestudio / Getty Images

    Imagine there’s a dagger and a torch nearby. Choose one of them and imagine yourself using it to free the key inside of the ice.

    4. Did you choose the dagger or the torch?

    Undefined Undefined / Getty Images

    Now imagine yourself picking up the key. Get a good look at the key.

    5. Did you hold on to the dagger/torch when you grabbed the key?

    Oppdowngalon / Getty Images

    6. Is the key smooth and new or rusty and weathered?

    Massonstock / Getty Images

    Now, imagine there’s a locked chest somewhere.

    7. How big was the chest?


    8. Was the chest near or far?

    Dorioconnell / Getty Images

    Now imagine yourself entering the key and unlocking the chest.

    9. Did the key fit easily or was it challenging to open?

    Earnang / Getty Images

    Imagine opening the chest and seeing a beam of light glowing inside of it.

    10. What color is the light?


    For more, try the Pie Imagination Test.

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