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There’s A Movie On Netflix That’s Supposedly So Scary Some People Can’t Finish It, So I Watched And Here's How It Went

An easy scare vs. an allegedly petrifying film.

WARNING: Contains spoilers.

If you haven't heard, there's a movie on Netflix called Veronica and many people are saying it's quite frightening.

Here's what the movie is about according to Netflix:

"In 1991 Madrid, after holding a séance at school, a teen girl minding her younger siblings at home suspects an evil force has entered their apartment."

And apparently it's based on a true story to some extent, which adds to the creepiness.

I'm admittedly an easy scare, and horror truly traumatizes me.

I made the decision to watch it in broad daylight, in an office full of people, because I'm hoping sunshine and nearby humans would make it less horrifying.

It has subtitles, which make for a good distraction from all of the potentially scary shit going on around them.

About 15 minutes in nothing creepy has happened, but a nun is staring into the sun during a solar eclipse so you can feel something coming.

The main character, Veronica, and her friends decide to fuck with a Ouija board (dumb choice) during the solar eclipse (dumber choice).

Veronica went to the nurse and now she appears to be normal, but we all know there's demon residue chillin' deep in her soul.

A number of minor creepy things happen: Veronica's backpack falls from a shelf, Veronica goes into a trance during dinner, a light flickers, a door closes on its own. Run-of-the-mill horror stuff.


Veronica had a nightmare where a bunch of scary things happened, including hands emerging from her mattress and grabbing her.

A nun informs Veronica that she's "not alone" and tries to tell whatever's latched itself to her spirit to kick rocks, but something tells me it's not going to.

So now Veronica is being haunted by a figure that keeps popping up in different places and being a real creeper.

Veronica's still having some wild dreams. She imagined her siblings eating her arms which was honestly more gross than scary.

Veronica's friends aren't down to hang anymore because she's all demon possessed or whatever, so she's got her siblings doing a séance with her in the hopes of getting rid of whatever is haunting her.

Without spoiling EVERYTHING, this séance triggers the final showdown between Veronica and the evilness and it's pretty wild.

Upon finishing Veronica, I can confirm that it's not the scariest thing I've ever seen, but it further solidifies my opinion that paranormal is the most chilling type of horror.

If you're tough to scare, lower your expectations. If you're an easy scare, this'll probably do a little damage. Whoever you are, it's certainly a solid horror flick readily available on your Netflix.