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    Yelp Ranked The Top 100 Restaurants To Eat So I Tried The #1 Spot, And Here's How It Was

    What does top-rated Korean-Hawaiian food taste like?

    Did you know Yelp does an annual roundup of the top 100 places to eat in the US? I only heard about it recently and was intrigued to learn that 2023's #1 ranked spot happens to be a place called BROKEN MOUTH located in Los Angeles, where I live.

    Screenshot from Yelp

    For variety, I tried five different items totaling $65.39.

    Screenshot of food order

    I started with the Teri Chicken. Generally, I don't talk with a full mouth, but the first bite of this made me say "damn" out loud like an involuntary reflex. The chicken is juicy and has an incredible sweet and savory taste to it.

    Teri chicken

    The juice/sauce from the chicken pools beneath the greens and rice, the latter of which is well-seasoned by itself, making for a whole lot of flavor in every bite. The addition of the egg was fine, but it was overshadowed by surrounding items. Personally, I like servings like this where all the food touches. If I was president, more items would be served in the form of a sloppy mountain like KFC® Famous Bowls. This isn't quite intermixed to that extent, but I loved how it made it possible to have vastly different flavors and textures in each bite.

    Sauce in a dish

    Next up was the shrimp, which also came with purple rice and Korean greens on the side (yes, I ate more of them). The shrimp was well-seasoned, and in addition to its savory flavor, it has some spice to it. I wouldn't call it a kick but maybe like a gentle foot tap. IMPORTANT NOTE: The shrimp has the shell on it, which might be a bit jarring if you're not expecting it!

    Shrimp with purple rice and greens

    After the unexpectedly crispy shrimp, I tried the Teri Chicken Sandwich.

    Teri chicken sandwich

    This sandwich comes on a brioche bun (immediate points for that) and includes greens and mayo. The chicken breast is massive, and it's just as flavorful as everything else, but it's also very juicy, which is a great thing except for the fact that it can make the greens and bun just a wee bit soggy. It started to fall apart, but I didn't let that stop me from going to town on it.

    Teri chicken sandwich

    The last non-dessert item was Spam Musubi which is seaweed-wrapped spam on purple rice.

    Spam Musubi

    I didn't even know I like Spam until the first bite of this joker, but it was so good. It reminds me of a sushi handroll, but even more savory and flavorful than the typical roll. Months from now, I will think of this, and my mouth will water.

    Spam Musubi

    Finally, dessert — the Brioche Bread Pudding. Once again, SHOUT OUT TO BRIOCHE.

    Brioche bread pudding

    This isn't overwhelmingly sweet, but it’s dense, moist, and quite filling. The dry oats on top don’t feel completely necessary taste-wise, but it’s an interesting texture change in comparison to the softness of the bread and the chewy raisins.

    Brioche bread pudding


    Assortment of dishes