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14 Shots Of Huntington Beach And Newport Beach This Past Weekend That Are Just One Giant Facepalm

Very little social distancing, but lots of selfishness.

Southern California got some warm, summer weather this weekend and despite other counties closing beaches and following social distancing guidlines, folks gathered at Newport Beach and Huntington Beach to soak up the sun. Here, have a look.

1. The rush to the beach began Friday, April 24.

RIGHT NOW: This is the scene from #Air7HD in Newport Beach, CA as the #COVID19 death toll surges in Southern California @ABC7 #LosAngeles

2. It continued on April 25. Here's a shot of Newport Beach looking like a drawing in a Where's Waldo? book.

3. Here's what that area looked like on video.

WATCH: Large crowds flock to Newport Beach, CA upon its reopening.

4. This was Corona del Mar in Newport Beach.

5. Here's chopper footage of the scene, if you want a bird's-eye view of selfishness.

Newport Beach appears to be pretty crowded, as Southern California is hit by a heat wave.

6. It was similar around Huntington Beach. Here's what it looked like on Friday, April 24 from the window of a passerby.

Hey Governor Newsom! I vote we annex Huntington Beach from California until COVID19 is over, what do you think?

7. And here's what it looked like on Saturday, April 25.

9. And more.

This was Huntington Beach 3 hours ago...... UHM ARE YALL ON DRUGS OR SUMTHIN???

10. And even more.


I’m inside don’t come for me and also that’s on herd immunity ##fyp ##tiktokprom

♬ original sound - fibulaa

11. People are really just out there, ignoring what's been advised.

A thread of people at the beach breaking social distancing rules— yes, it’s really as bad as they’re saying

12. As you can see, even the afternoon fog wasn't stopping folks.

13. Even on Sunday, April 26, folks were still out, riding bikes and taking strolls.

14. Yep, lots of carefree fun was had over the weekend, folks.

Meanwhile, here's what Los Angeles beaches were looking like on April 25. Hopefully that restores a tiny bit of the faith that may've been lost seeing Orange County risk it all for a few hours of sand and sun.

My compliments to our community for staying away from the beaches in LA. From Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, to Dockweiler - All Clear!! Safer at Home will get us there sooner.