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17 Fast Food Promotional Items That You Totally Forgot You Had Growing Up

Gold-plated Pokémon cards!

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1. The Flintstones themed mugs from McDonald's that were (and still might be) in your cabinets.

kylethoreau /

2. Burger King's glorious gold-plated Pokémon cards...

@emerald_city_simulation / Via

3. ...and the countless other collectable toys Burger King released.

Jmoney627 /

4. McDonald's "Teenie Beanie Babies."

McDonald's / Numbah5

5. These watches released to promote The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

@jurassicparkpodcast / Via, Via

6. Some glass mugs from 1995, promoting Batman Forever...

StopEatingMyFries /

7. ...or even these Garfield glasses, which popped up on promotions multiple times throughout the years.

everythingisalright /

8. These watches sold by Burger King to promote The Rugrats Movie.

MJFan062509 /

9. Some Halloween chicken nugget toys from McDonald's...

PeaceFrog229 /

10. ...and of course, these Halloween Happy Meal buckets.

Classic1990 /

11. These sweet action figures McDonald's released ahead of 1995's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

gremlins420 /

12. The dinosaur hand puppets from McDonald's that you can practically smell from the photo.

Zam-Boni /

13. Some toys promoting Beast Wars: Transformers

Ome9asupreme /

14. McDonald's Changeables, which transformed from food to robots.

Thehurricane22 /

15. The Men In Black Neuralyzer from Burger King, which your memory may've been wiped clean of.

Tomes2789 /

16. The epic Inspector Gadget toy from McDonald's that had to be assembled from several pieces.

McDonald's / FastFoodToyReviews

17. And of course, these collectable Hercules plates from McDonald's, used for fine dining.

@shareenzamo / Via

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