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    17 Failed Attempts At Being Cool And Relatable To Young People That'll Make You LOL

    SWAG = Students Who Achieve Goals.

    1. Look, I love a good acronym and not encouraging drugs, but c'mon.

    [deleted] / Via

    2. Fortnite? Sure. Cardi B? Fine. The #okurrrr? Please don't.

    TheTrueTaterTot / Via

    3. W8, how is this ac2ly a page in a r3al sch00l science book?

    killerk1707 / Via

    4. A police force posted this and I can't tell if it's a good trash meme or a trash trash meme.

    NSW Police Force / Via

    5. And here's this police department's much worse attempt at being relatable:

    Fox59 / Via

    6. [Softly] "Don't." — Source: Michael Scott in The Office Season 3, Episode 3 "The Coup"

    floofmister / Via

    7. This grocery store is using memes to sell produce.

    Ampersand55 / Via

    8. This birthday card that's just 🤢.

    InvertedSkyTower / Via

    9. What does the person trying to enforce rules but also connect with teens say?

    shibakiller / Via

    10. Look at this tweet.

    #CuzWeCare: Our officers had a great time 'doing the dap' and talking public safety with the kids from the Lyndon School in West Roxbury.

    11. You had me at "promo code," you lost me at "ayeeee."

    StevenMiracle / Via

    12. This sign on the door of a US Army recruiter.

    VenomStinger / Via


    UnMysTIcREDDIT / Via

    14. Who talks like this?

    allitob / Via

    15. Here's the weather trying to grab the attention of youths!

    BoogsterSU2 / Via

    16. Here are some modern slang terms on candy hearts for some reason.

    hemlo86 / Via

    17. Finally, this real AF ad that had me lmaoooo!

    MikeyBec / Via

    H/T r/fellowkids

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