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    26 Times Hotels Had Truly Awful Setups That'll Make Your Blood Boil On Behalf Of Their Customers

    Automatically charging people for even touching an item in the fridge is so wack.

    1. This hotel that presents guests with a kettle and glasses, then has a piece of paper in a drawer that reveals you'll be fined for using it.

    2. This hotel that used fees to turn a $99 deal into $200+ in total charges and a temporary cost of $700+ when you consider the refundable deposit.

    3. This hotel has an unnecessarily long WiFi password.

    4. This hotel that charges extra for rooms with a larger TV, but then this is the TV...

    5. This hotel's doorstop that's undoubtedly going to break some toes/wound some feet.

    6. And this hotel's even smaller, borderline hidden doorstop that's undoubtedly going to hurt someone.

    7. This hotel that charges guests for so much as picking up an item inside the fridge, and only informs you of this via tiny-ass text on a small panel.

    8. This hotel that thought it was a good idea to stitch "palm tree" designs that look exactly like spiders on their pillows.

    9. This hotel bathroom that leaves an acute angle of space between wall and sink.

    10. This hotel's water bottle that says, "PLEASE ENJOY" in large text, but tells you it's $4 per bottle in teeny tiny text.

    11. This hotel defining this as a "pool area."

    12. This hotel that thinks they're funny with this "scenic view."

    13. And this hotel.

    14. And also this hotel.

    15. Oh, and this hotel, who technically told the truth when they sold this as a sea-facing room.

    16. This hotel's chain lock that's installed incorrectly and thus, it's useless.

    17. This hotel elevator's senselessly arranged floor numbers.

    18. This sign that serves you no benefit if you're staying in room 326.

    19. This hotel's very strangely positioned TV.

    20. This note in the hotel's bed that wouldn't be there if they'd done proper cleaning.

    21. This hotel's terrible, awful, no-good shower head.

    22. This hotel's Wi-Fi that FORCES you to make the "choice" to "opt-in" to a newsletter.

    23. This hotel's toilet paper holder that's so, so far away from where it needs to be.

    24. Or this hotel's toilet paper holder that's way, way too close.

    25. This hotel's gym that has very conflicting signs.

    26. And finally, this hotel that charges $22.32 for two sodas, because y'know: delivery fee, gratuity, service charges/gratuity, 9% service charge, sales tax, and of course, soda tax.

    Well, that's a wrap. Anyone else thoroughly disgusted?

    H/T r/mildlyinfuriating