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    19 Truly Brilliant Hotel Amenities That Prove Great Customer Service Isn't Dead


    1. This room service robot that can deliver hotel guests everything from snacks to toiletries.

    diegocorazon / Via

    2. This partially heated mirror that ensures you'll have a spot that isn't steamed up after you shower.

    mdengler10 / Via

    3. This hotel that offers a free smartphone for you to take out and use for the extent of your stay.

    the_irrelevant_fox / Via

    4. This hotel that comes with a separate towel to wipe off makeup.

    DasAdam / Via

    5. This hotel that changes the elevator carpet to let you know what day it is.

    SpartanKing76 / Via

    6. This hotel's curtain tracks that are built to overlap so no light can peek through the middle.

    taharoto / Via

    7. This hotel phone that offers a hotline for bedtime stories.

    ToxicSteve13 / Via

    8. This hotel door that allows you to see what's outside of it via a digital peephole.

    asifmynamewassega / Via

    9. This hotel that gives you the option to choose what fragrance your room smells like.

    Alexandre_Dumbass / Via

    10. This hotel shower door that has a hole in it so you can reach the handle without getting wet when turning it on.

    Jamie_017 / Via

    11. This hotel clock that conveniently displays the time on the front and sides.

    ecklesweb / Via

    12. This hotel that allows anyone in need of company to rent a fish.

    notforlabels / Via

    13. This string right above the bed that can turn all of the room's lights off or on.

    PizzaOrTacos / Via

    14. This hotel that has an entire pillow menu so you can get the softness or firmness you so desire.

    pickup_thesoap / Via

    15. This mirror that has a freakin' TV in it, so you can watch while you get ready.

    I_do_not_get_the_pun / Via

    16. Or this mirror that displays the weather outside.

    mynamesafad / Via

    17. This hotel that offers freshly sanitized remotes.

    BonerChamp6 / Via

    18. And finally, this hotel that just openly acknowledges that you're likely going to steal the shampoo.

    NoStelthMod / Via

    19. Or even this hotel, who literally reminds guests to steal toiletries on the way out.

    10585900 / Via

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