17 Overused Dating Profile Cliches That People Are So Sick Of Seeing, They're Basically The Equivalent Of A Red Flag

    Turns out if you mention liking "The Office" in your bio, you're not the only one.

    You don't have to be on dating apps to know that people who are on them find the whole process extremely repetitive (in an exhausting, disappointing way).

    1. Recently, a bit of fun was had when @kimberleerose gave an example of some very generic, all-too-common things you'll see on a Hinge person's profile. This inspired many more...

    hi i'm jason from hinge. i love sushi and marvel movies. we'll get along if you understand my sarcasm. i'm just looking for my future gym buddy


    2. From the person who's includes their height...


    3. ...to the individual who includes their height and a number of other things.

    @kimberleeerose on tinder it's "i'm 6'10 since apparently that matters. just a single dad looking for a step mom for my princess 🐈. bonus points if you like anime 💯 please don't swipe if you're not a 10. i'm hardly on here so follow me on snap."


    4. There's mention of the most played out debate in the history of food.

    @AspartamePapi my controversial opinion is that pineapple belongs on pizza


    5. There's the "downloading this app" is a risk line and mention of liking The Office.

    @kimberleeerose Biggest risk: downloading this app Most controversial opinion: pineapples on pizza We’ll get along if…. You like the office


    6. The "just ask."


    7. There's the "just ask" with a side of the old "flirt-to-roast ratio."

    Hi, I’m Emily from Hinge. I know the best spot in town for espresso martinis. Typical Sunday: watching Formula 1! The hallmark of a good relationship is a good flirt-to-roast ratio. The best way to ask me out is to just ask lol!


    8. Then there's the "flirt-to-roast ratio" with a serving of "first round on me."

    hi i’m mark from hinge. i know the best place in town for tacos. first round is on me if it’s tequila. the most spontaneous thing i’ve ever done is buy a plane ticket to another country with no plans. the hallmark of a good relationship is a good flirt to roast ratio https://t.co/EQyUzusCKh


    9. And there's this super wacky take as a personality trait:

    @kimberleeerose One thing crazy about me: I LOVE food


    10. There's this line about finding "the one."

    @kimberleeerose "I'll know when I've found the one when I delete this app"


    11. There's more pineapple pizza mentioning because it's just so interesting.

    Hi, I’m Matt from Hinge, I’ll order nachos for the table and so help me GOD if you enjoy pineapple on your fucking pizza, https://t.co/6eEgXscEtB


    12. There's the NFL fan.

    @eff_eff_tee typical sunday: football


    13. There's the competitor.

    @kimberleeerose I’m overly competitive about: everything


    14. There's the anti-Harry Potter competitor who has photos with someone else's kid on their dating profile.

    Hi I’m Jason from hinge. All I ask is that you’ve read a book besides Harry Potter. Im competitive about…everything 😜. Kid in pic is my niece. Dream dinner guest Larry David. https://t.co/AvUf3WVwLv


    15. There's The Office and things again.

    Hi, I'm Akash from hinge. We'll get along if you love The Office. My best travel story is Manali 🍀. I'm looking for someone to share my life with, but not my fries 😜. https://t.co/VP6QVnvC3x


    16. There's The Office and things some more.

    hi I’m ryan from hinge. I love the office and music. first round is on me if it’s tequila shots. all i ask is that you’re as spontaneous as me. my simple pleasures are the gym, IPAs, and traveling. https://t.co/ZeADUEfK2R


    17. And finally, there's the person who I'll tell you all about if you add me on Snap, because I'm rarely ever here.

    hi i’m ryan from hinge. only reply if you don’t take yourself too seriously. 420 friendly. just looking for someone i can rave with. hardly on here so add my snap. know anywhere for a good afters? https://t.co/VGJBr3JADI


    In closing, this isn't just jokes, y'all — it's really that repetitive IRL. Here's a collection of screenshots that show the frequently mentioned things that are super popular (and 100% dope to love), but maybe, just maybe not uncommon enough to stand out.

    I am *begging* you to develop a personality