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    15 Ads On Vehicles Designed By People Who Didn't Think Things Through

    There are too many windows of opportunity for things to go wrong.

    1. The medical student plastered on this bus who eye think should've been positioned differently.

    Germantoast33 / Via

    2. This bus ad that features a man with a large pipe coming from his crotch.

    ErickJail / Via

    3. This company's slogan that's pretty lackluster when you can only see half of it.

    Sprayer93 / Via

    4. This car inviting folks to "experience the D...rive."

    antonfabijan / Via

    5. This radio station's vehicle that looks like it's advertising "shit music."

    StoicJ / Via

    6. The text on this van that gets cut off and encourages people to practice their kills.

    EasterChimp / Via

    7. This Canadian politician seeking votes whose ad looks disturbing the instant someone wants a little fresh air.

    mungoflago / Via

    8. This glass servicing company that appears to have "omy ass" pasted all over their van.

    sameunderwear2days / Via

    9. This cutoff sign on a bus that appears to be telling people to hop in front of one.

    ImSheen / Via

    10. This ad on a school bus that's meant to encourage people to quit smoking, but didn't account for the "school" label.

    dreamlax / Via

    11. This poor kid who is giving a thumbs up, but appears to be just a little off.

    prosto_mokasin / Via

    12. This child's face that's being distorted by a door handle.

    the_dyl_pickle / Via

    13. What looks like a "Vicious Incest" sign pasted on the back of this truck.

    thedirtyjackal / Via

    14. This Coke truck that is the stuff of nightmares.

    Vistana / Via

    15. And finally, this Nesquik truck that just doesn't quite look right.

    UrbanThaKid / Via

    H/T to r/crappydesign.

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