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    31 Tragic Halloween Designs That Make Me Laugh Every Single Time I See Them

    Who designed maggot-infested flesh wound cupcakes for the Halloween party?

    Welcome! You've just wandered into some spooky season shenanigans. Brace yourself, this isn't any old Halloween hogwash — this is chock-full of poor design, poor taste, and poor execution that will leave you laughing, cringing, and perhaps even a smidge disgusted at times. Ready? Come along.

    1. This pumpkin that appears to be saying, "F**k or treat."

    2. This "BEWARE" sign that's backward, so instead it reads, "ERAWEB." Wow, spooky.

    3. The design's hand placement on these Halloween leggings.

    4. This Pennywise costume that just ain't IT.

    5. This discombobulated "Welcome" sign that says "Lo Wecme."

    6. This Halloween-themed donut that catfished someone.

    7. This intended "Boo!" that looks more like, "Bod."

    8. The glue on this pumpkin decoration that something other than glue.

    9. This cake that needs to complete its thought.

    10. This "DO NOT ENTER" tape on a McDonald's that perhaps looks a little too legitimate. 

    11. This feet loaf Halloween dish that's executed well, which is the problem.

    12. These maggot-infested wound cupcakes that, again, are done entirely too well.

    13. This doormat that says, "HELL fall."

    14. This deeply cursed Bert costume.

    15. This dishonest candy that's only spooky on the wrapper.

    16. This festive toilet decoration that just straight-up looks like overflowing doo-doo.

    17. And these Halloween gathering brownies that look like litter box doo-doo. 

    18. These spooky socks that are designed to depict two right feet.

    19. These Halloween socks that are "CREERY," whatever that means.

    20. This poorly arranged "BEWARE" hanger that says, "REWABE" 

    21. This poster trying to let people know about something in one of the most illegible fonts I've ever seen.

    22. This sign suggesting we "get spoy ok."

    23. These festive tights that confused the Star of David with a pentagram.

    24. This kind of rude choice for a Halloween decoration at an elderly care center.

    25. And these Halloween cookies being given to patients at a hospital.

    26. This daycare sign that's trying to be festive but just sort of sounds unsettling.

    27. This sad ghoulish gas station dinosaur.

    28. These Halloween decorations depicting the bones of creatures that have exoskeletons.

    29. And this skeleton depiction of an invertebrate.

    30. This LAVE shirt. Or is it LcandycornVE?

    31. And finally, this unfunny, unkind, borderline cruel Halloween candy prank.