19 Times It Looked Like We're Living In A Simulation That's Filled With Glitches

    Brace yourself for things that look ever-so-slightly off.

    1. This pizza that looks like you have to press play to make it work (it's actually just one of those plastic pizza holders).

    2. These urinals placed alongside windows overlooking the street, like some bad Sims designing.

    3. This "Reddit House," that looks like a physical version of the internet glitched into existence.

    4. And this Internet Explorer remembrance that also looks like a physical internet manifestation, where a browser can go from websites to gravesite.

    5. This lizard that looks like it's a person sleeping on a pillow in bed.

    6. This spoon that looks like its coding got mixed up with a shovel's.

    7. The painting on this tree that looks like a portal to a whole new world.

    8. This face in a tree that looks like a living person has been embedded in its bark.

    9. These shoe soles that look like a see-through glitch from poor video game rendering.

    10. And these trees that look partially rendered.

    11. This disco ball in the fireplace that makes it look like there's a club in the chimney.

    12. This random blue door that looks like it was accidentally planted in the wilderness.

    13. This Dunkin' in the desert.

    14. This chip that's a little too perfectly circular.

    15. This flower that's a bit too flawless.

    16. This full-sized Barbie Jeep that looks like a toy was mistakenly blown up.

    17. This toilet that looks like it's accidentally been coded between among a bunch of stone.

    18. This 20-trillion dollar bill.

    19. And finally, this speed limit sign that's got to be a mistake.