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    16 Photos Of Glitches In The Matrix That Are Going To Blow Your Mind And Freak You Out

    HOW do you explain these things?

    1. This photo taken RIGHT AS THE SCENE CHANGED, causing the TV's reflection to be different from what's on the screen.

    AvivaSappir / Via

    2. This digital billboard that malfunctioned on a foggy night, creating what looks like a Windows error floating in the sky.

    PadraigBelton / Via Twitter: @PadraigBelton

    3. These people who were photographed on the textbooks they're holding while posing for the photo on the textbook.

    The-Licker-Of-Balls / Via

    4. This window's reflection that makes it look as if the sky is glitching with panels of light.

    RoosterjayP / Via

    5. This shadow that looks like it's pixelated.

    brohannes95 / Via

    6. These car license plates that go together perfectly.

    VerucaMoon / Via

    7. This Santa Claus convention that looks like we've gone deep into the Santa-verse.

    Songs4Soulsma / Via

    8. These players on two different teams who look a lot alike, and they even resemble the person watching in the background.

    tallescabral / Via

    9. This sign's shadow that's missing a letter.

    Becausetoast / Via

    10. This strange cloud that I'm sure there's a scientific explanation for, but still, it looks pretty otherworldly.

    mrblahblahblah / Via

    11. This floor that appears to be glitching out.

    auto_orchestra / Via

    12. This guy who is working in a drain but looks like he's embedded in the ground.

    leemuel01 / Via

    13. This train full of blonde women with similar-looking heads.

    Balzan12 / Via

    14. This building's reflection that makes it look like there's sky up ahead.

    Wolfcubware / Via

    15. This glitchy Snapchat filter photo that caused this cat to merge with the sky.

    xMethyy / Via

    16. And finally, this terrifying clock that makes it seem like time is officially broken.

    Hymosa / Via

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