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    Updated on Apr 25, 2020. Posted on Apr 22, 2020

    15 Photos Of Moments That Belong In The "That's Really Unfortunate" Hall Of Fame

    Worse than your basic bad luck.

    1. This person who got a speeding ticket on their car as it was being towed.

    livinginneverland / Via

    2. This crafty individual who accidentally installed their kitty door on top.

    Rews_red / Via

    3. This person whose smoothie-drinking process didn't go so smoothly.

    LetMeTouchBeak / Via

    4. This person who got to the end of their puzzle and realized they only had 499 of the pieces.

    bmeupsctty / Via

    5. This person who ruined their breakfast thanks to similar packaging.

    jethronu11 / Via

    6. And this person who put unwanted pepper on their food because, for some reason, these labels are designed like this.

    Tetraazidomethane / Via

    7. This person whose pillow said it was "washing machine and dryer safe," but the dryer test determined that was a lie.

    Ddoge_YT / Via

    8. This person who spent two weeks searching for their remote, only to find it here.

    x-Mowens-x / Via

    9. This person who was on hold for MORE THAN 12 HOURS, only to be abruptly disconnected/hung up on.

    tristpa2 / Via

    10. This person who spent 10 minutes looking for their glove that was waving at 'em from a trash bag.

    amanhasapokemon / Via

    11. This person who realized they were wearing two different shoes halfway through their day.

    deuteriumsparks2605 / Via

    12. This person who just wanted to break off a yogurt, that's all.

    justkttnaround / Via

    13. This person who ate all of their wings, then found their ranch inside the dessert cookie box.

    JustinBowers / Via

    14. This person who got a campaign flyer on their window just before a rainstorm, creating a really inconvenient mess.

    dick122 / Via

    15. And finally, this person who cut their finger WHILE OPENING A PACKAGE OF BAND-AIDS.

    kiwisdotpng / Via

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