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    16 Things People Found While Renovating Their Homes That’ll Blow Your Mind

    What's hiding under your roof?

    1. A McDonald's cup advertising the 1988 US Olympic Team someone discovered in a kitchen wall.

    2. This clothes hanger someone found between the floorboards of their attic was made by a company so old, their telephone number was four digits.

    3. These cans discovered in a demolished wall that've remained in pristine condition.

    4. And this trio of old cans dug up during backyard renovations, including CANNED GATORADE.

    5. This text (from 1997) written underneath some wallpaper in which a dad promised to eat his overalls if the Spice Girls were still popular the next time the room was decorated.

    6. This old light bulb found in someone's grandparent's house that was finished in 1902. And yes, the bulb still functioned!

    7. This dusty VHS copy of Sexual Positions (copyright 1985) that was found in basement rafters.

    8. This interesting painting someone found on some cement behind the wall of their basement.

    9. This piece of newspaper from 1907 found under shingles during a home's remodel.

    10. This really old calculator someone found in their great grandmother's attic.

    11. This marriage certificate from 1895 discovered during the renovation of a cabin.

    12. This mural discovered once a wall was torn down.

    13. This miniature Milky Way wrapper found in someone's walls that has a 1961 copyright on it.

    14. This sword under the dirt floor of a century-old house.

    15. This Elvis branded shampoo discovered in an attic.

    16. And finally, this bottle simply labeled "The Mixture" that was found during renovations.

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting