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    16 Things People Found While Renovating Their Homes That’ll Blow Your Mind

    What's hiding under your roof?

    1. A McDonald's cup advertising the 1988 US Olympic Team someone discovered in a kitchen wall.

    cannotseecolor / Via

    2. This clothes hanger someone found between the floorboards of their attic was made by a company so old, their telephone number was four digits.

    Sanvi / Via

    3. These cans discovered in a demolished wall that've remained in pristine condition.

    SeeWhatEyeSee / Via

    4. And this trio of old cans dug up during backyard renovations, including CANNED GATORADE.

    EricTheEskimo / Via

    5. This text (from 1997) written underneath some wallpaper in which a dad promised to eat his overalls if the Spice Girls were still popular the next time the room was decorated.

    AngeB1818 / Via

    6. This old light bulb found in someone's grandparent's house that was finished in 1902. And yes, the bulb still functioned!

    gap343 / Via

    7. This dusty VHS copy of Sexual Positions (copyright 1985) that was found in basement rafters.

    loudapple / Via

    8. This interesting painting someone found on some cement behind the wall of their basement.

    J_A_Prufrock5 / Via

    9. This piece of newspaper from 1907 found under shingles during a home's remodel.

    Pinestjanitor / Via

    10. This really old calculator someone found in their great grandmother's attic.

    eggnoodlericecakes / Via

    11. This marriage certificate from 1895 discovered during the renovation of a cabin.

    jsparker43 / Via

    12. This mural discovered once a wall was torn down.

    Gritzenizer / Via

    13. This miniature Milky Way wrapper found in someone's walls that has a 1961 copyright on it.

    EverThusToDeadbeats_ / Via

    14. This sword under the dirt floor of a century-old house.

    BriCins / Via

    15. This Elvis branded shampoo discovered in an attic.

    discdraft / Via

    16. And finally, this bottle simply labeled "The Mixture" that was found during renovations.

    onlynik / Via

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting