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25 Things You Haven’t Thought About Since You Were A Kid, But Will Instantly Remember

*Nostalgia intensifies*

1. This login screen on your family computer.

2. These displays of posters that you'd thumb through, but rarely (or never) actually bought.

3. These clear, colorful chips that were used for activities in elementary school, like bingo.

4. This screen accompanied by an extremely loud voice.

5. How you'd place your chair on the desk at the end of a school day.

6. These magnets that were somehow on every elderly person's refrigerator.

7. Those Disney Adventures magazines.

8. Web browsers being readily available for purchase in stores.

9. These packets of Tiny Size Chiclets gum.

10. When Crest's toothpaste came out swirled from a star-shaped tip.

11. Having a sheet of cheat codes written down for particular video games.

12. This velcro paddle ball game.

13. These red, textured cups that used to be in pizza + arcade spots.

14. Those Playskool flashlights with the different color options.

15. Those clackers that seemed to serve no purpose other than to make noise.

16. This popular style of bottled sand art.

17. These overhead projectors that were one of the main pieces of equipment utilized by teachers back in the day.

18. The incredibly informative Eyewitness Books series.

19. The Cherry Coke logo back when it looked like this.

20. Painting with watercolor sets that looked like this.

21. The scrolling TV schedule preview.

22. These counting blocks that were used so often in math class.

23. This delicious sweet bottled elixir called Fruitopia.

24. The old Kit Kat foil packaging.

25. And finally, those informative little caller ID boxes.

H/T: /r/nostalgia