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25 Things You Haven’t Thought About Since You Were A Kid, But Will Instantly Remember

*Nostalgia intensifies*

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1. This login screen on your family computer.

Microsoft / IrishAzrael / Via

2. These displays of posters that you'd thumb through, but rarely (or never) actually buy.

beardynolando / Via

3. These clear, colorful chips that were used for activities in elementary school, like bingo.

gabriellalejandra / Via

4. This screen accompanied by an extremely loud voice.

Tarhabibi / Via

5. How you'd place your chair on the desk at the end of a school day.

SSpSpoSpouSpout / Via

6. These magnets that were somehow on every elderly person's refrigerator.

Kaden4552 / Via

7. Those Disney Adventures magazines.

danielleiellle / Via

8. Web browsers being readily available for purchase in stores.

[deleted] / Via

9. These packets of Tiny Size Chiclets gum.

festiveskeletor_ / Via

10. When Crest's toothpaste came out swirled from a star-shaped tip.

4448144484 / Via

11. Having a sheet of cheat codes written down for particular video games.

whamenrespecter69 / Via

12. This velcro paddle ball game.

timehack / Via

13. These red, textured cups that used to be in pizza + arcade spots.

Kiarray / Via

14. Those Playskool flashlights with the different color options.

H3ro0fTime / Via

15. Those clackers that seemed to serve no purpose other than to make noise.

jonnykings / Via

16. This popular style of bottled sand art.

Forever-evolving / Via

17. These overhead projectors that were one of the main pieces of equipment utilized by teachers back in the day.

potentialdifference1 / Via

18. The incredibly informative Eye Witness Books series.

zcdini / Via

19. The Cherry Coke logo back when it looked like this.


20. Painting with watercolor sets that looked like this.

Grande_Oso_Hermoso / Via

21. The scrolling TV schedule preview.

Secretfreckel / Via

22. These counting blocks that were used so often in math class.

Jo_MamaSo / Via

23. This delicious sweet bottled elixir called Fruitopia.

Blinkle / Via

24. The old KitKat foil packaging.

NotKevinJames / Via

25. And finally, those informative little caller ID boxes.

skyroket / Via

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