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    18 Photos That Are Going To Make You Say, "I Know It's Just A Piece Of Food, But It Sure Looks Alive"

    Charismatic cuisine!

    1. This piece of toast that looks like a playful lil' pup peeking out of a toaster.

    Lordbobson / Via

    2. This burger that looks like it's sticking its tongue out, taunting you.

    Daronion / Via

    3. These slices of meat that look like they're striking a sexy pose.

    ExRaZoR34 / Via

    4. The space between these eggs that looks like the silhouette of a man screaming.

    fly_air / Via

    5. This parfait that looks like a nemesis of Batman ready to terrorize Gotham City.

    HadderzTV / Via

    6. This yolk that looks like it went rogue and is gleefully posed amongst its fellow eggs.

    hootersbutwithcats / Via

    7. This chicken sandwich that looks like it's flexing like Johnny Bravo.

    littlebloodmage / Via, Cartoon Network

    8. This cupcake that overflowed and totally looks like a sad elephant.

    Skyblue_Monty / Via

    9. This chocolate cake that looks like there's an evil spirit living within it.

    Kazie224 / Via

    10. This carrot that looks like it's sassily posed after breakdancing or putting on some sort of epic performance.

    ItzXil / Via

    11. This cinnamon roll that looks like an exhausted ET who has been through A LOT.

    cheftlp1221 / Via

    12. This beer foam that looks like a good boy.

    xray_anonymous / Via

    13. This tomato that straight up looks like a rubber ducky fully ready to be in a bathtub.

    266785 / Via

    14. These eggs that look like they're making a frowny face.

    TheUltimateToasters / Via

    15. This salsa container's condensation that looks like a grumpy gorilla.

    CockatooDropkick / Via

    16. This sausage that appears to be in a bit of dismay that it'll soon be eaten.

    Beatcanks / Via

    17. This pot of boiling lasagna that looks like it's fully aware that it's being cooked.

    adamlm / Via

    18. And finally, this creepy-faced bunny swirling around a cup of coffee.

    laluminyx / Via