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    16 Unexpected Discoveries People Found In Their Food That Even An Archaeologist Would Be Jealous Of

    There's a lot of weird stuff going on in bags on chips...

    1. This cylinder block of orange dust someone found in their Doritos.

    Alyssajprez / Via

    2. This bag of white chocolate Kit Kat minis featuring a bunch of loose wafers.

    progwog / Via

    3. This strangely morphed Flamin' Hot monster sitting in a bag amongst ordinary Cheetos.

    iamtheliquor42069 / Via

    4. This unpeeled triple banana.

    BanalPlay / Via

    5. This ridiculously long french fry.

    Technenaut / Via

    6. This Sour Patch Kid found lost amongst a sea of Swedish Fish that looks like the plot to a Pixar movie.

    bridgettoterabithia / Via

    7. This ginormous FUNYUN.

    notlaw325 / Via

    8. This chicken sandwich that looks a lot like Johnny Bravo flexing.

    littlebloodmage / Via

    9. A string of mini gummy bears chillin' amongst some regulars.

    BarlesInCharge / Via

    10. This uncomfortably long Frito.

    ConsistentlyMediocre / Via

    11. This salad's long-ass crouton that looks more like someone ordered a side of breadsticks.

    buttercupknits / Via

    12. This colorless M&M.

    kayess- / Via

    13. This extra large, extra oddly shaped jelly bean.

    Lazer_Pigeon / Via

    14. This blessed box of fruit snacks that included a giant pouch of fruit snacks.

    Thefriggofficial / Via

    15. This absolutely massive potato chip.

    Joe2pointOh / Via

    16. And finally, this ENTIRE POTATO someone found in a bag of chips.

    I know y’all not gone believe me anyway cuz ain’t nothing about this believable, but here’s a video.

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting