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    23 Fascinating Before-And-Afters That Will Make You Say, "Oh, So That's What That Looks Like"

    California before and after a wet winter is really something.

    Things change naturally or are altered with intention, and oftentimes, we don't even notice. Today we're going to stop and look at some fascinating before and after photos that are really interesting, largely because they're such random things, you normally wouldn't necessarily think to look for them. Let's scroll on into it...

    1. Here's someone's bus stop view before and after daylight saving time.

    2. Here's Southern California before and after getting rain in the winter.

    3. And here's Northern California after the same.

    4. Here's a plant before and after being watered.

    5. Here's someone's handwritten notes before and after being prescribed Adderall.

    6. Here's a backyard before and after enduring hurricanes.

    7. Here's a Macbook screen before and after being cleaned with mouthwash.

    8. Here's a brand-new air filter and an air filter after being around dogs for seven days.

    9. Here's a classroom paper closet before and after being organized. 

    10. Here's someone's shirts before and after they dropped 400 pounds.

    11. Here's Alita from _Alita: Battle Angel _with and without special effects.

    12. Here are some boots from the 1940s worn and weathered, and after a good polishing and fresh laces.

    13. Here's an unkempt yard before and after being cleaned up.

    14. Here's the sky before and after 4th of July fireworks.

    A dark, clear sky and a smoky, murky sky

    15. Here's a set of stairs before and after being pressure washed.

    16. Here's someone's hand before and after an iron infusion.

    17. Here's an oven before and after a DEEP cleaning.

    18. Here's someone's room before and after they were in a depression slump.

    19. And here's another room during mental health struggles and after.

    20. Here's concrete with a stone tile–style stamping and without.

    21. Here's a house as left by hoarders and after a cleaning.

    22. Here's a copper sink before and after thorough cleaning.

    23. And finally, here's a building before and after this really creative painting was added to liven it up.

    H/T: r/mildlyinteresting and r/oddlysatisfying.