17 Side-By-Sides Of The Cakes People Were Trying To Make And The Cakes They Actually Made

    Where did they go wrong?

    1. This rainbow crepe cake that looks unwell.

    2. This attempt at Ariel from The Little Mermaid that looks like it hit CTRL + B on the line details.

    3. This admirable, hilarious attempt at a Dolly Parton cake.

    4. This attempt at a mirror glaze cake that lowkey looks like vomit.

    5. This cake that's actually really detailed, but just doesn't quite look like Darth Maul.

    6. This lava cake that someone accidentally burned until it looked molten.

    7. This sad red velvet Christmas tree cake.

    8. This beautifully chaotic wedding cake someone asked for, versus the silly, less detailed version they were given.

    9. This attempt at an Elsa from Frozen cake.

    10. This ambitious attempt at a peacock cake.

    11. This attempt at a cockroach cake that's actually a lot less terrifying than the real thing.

    12. This attempt at a teddy bear rice cake.

    13. This dragon cake that looks like it's been through a lot.

    14. This cake that looks like it's a web slinger from a different spider-verse.

    15. This attempt at a golf-themed cake.

    16. This Batman cake that kind of looks like a dude in a bunny costume.

    17. And finally, here's an attempt that looks like a tongue or a blob, but no, this is Patrick.