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    17 Side-By-Sides Of The Cakes People Were Trying To Make And The Cakes They Actually Made

    Where did they go wrong?

    1. This rainbow crepe cake that looks unwell.

    Turenner / Via

    2. This attempt at Ariel from The Little Mermaid that looks like it hit CTRL + B on the line details.

    noodlepartipoodle / Via

    3. This admirable, hilarious attempt at a Dolly Parton cake.

    duncasterwood / Via

    4. This attempt at a mirror glaze cake that lowkey looks like vomit.

    AloneMordakai / Via

    5. This cake that's actually really detailed, but just doesn't quite look like Darth Maul.

    m00ska / Via

    6. This lava cake that someone accidentally burned until it looked molten.

    Hdhdheuushwhwh / Via

    7. This sad red velvet Christmas tree cake.

    CoproliteSandwich / Via

    8. This beautifully chaotic wedding cake someone asked for, versus the silly, less detailed version they were given.

    bananaloutay / Via

    9. This attempt at an Elsa from Frozen cake.

    sweethandz / Via

    10. This ambitious attempt at a peacock cake.

    Steebo123 / Via

    11. This attempt at a cockroach cake that's actually a lot less terrifying than the real thing.

    spikedays / Via

    12. This attempt at a teddy bear rice cake.

    PopFlopBanana21 / Via

    13. This dragon cake that looks like it's been through a lot.

    lemurvomitX / Via

    14. This cake that looks like it's a web slinger from a different spider-verse.

    falkharboush / Via

    15. This attempt at a golf-themed cake.

    remaerc / Via

    16. This Batman cake that kind of looks like a dude in a bunny costume.

    Jonny410 / Via

    17. And finally, here's an attempt that looks like a tongue or a blob, but no, this is Patrick.

    JRose513 / Via