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    24 Screenshots Of People Caught Being Entitled Brats That Will Make Your Blood Boil

    What planet are these people living on?

    They say monsters aren't real, but what you're going to see when you scroll down will prove different. Below, you'll embark on a journey to a world where individual people think they deserve to have everything catered and handed to them. After being offered FREE stuff, these people decided that wasn't enough, and they wanted, nay, were entitled to MORE.

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    1. When someone wanted a free item delivered directly to them.

    2. When some bougie ghoul was offered free makeup and behaved like this.

    3. When someone was offered free dinner, and they decided to expand their options.

    4. When someone got mad about the free item they were delivered.

    5. When someone could've had a free dishwasher but smugly suggested it's not worth their time.

    6. When someone could've had free food but wanted a very particular set of groceries...and delivery.

    7. When someone was offered help with transportation and reacted with hostility.

    8. When someone was kindly given $40 and they were like, "MORE."

    9. When someone was upset that a pizza shop was only offering free pizza to school kids and not every other meal program in existence.

    10. When this photographer offered someone free photos and got the most condescending, preposterous response.

    11. When someone ranted about the free dog treats.

    12. When someone scoffed at an offer to borrow a free Tesla.

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    13. When this person whined about potentially receiving eight beers that cost zero dollars.

    14. When someone got mad that a fast-food restaurant wasn't offering free food 24 hours a day.

    15. When someone criticized the selection in a free front yard library.

    16. When people were so upset with the free beer that a restaurant had to remind them it's FREE BEER.

    17. When someone begging for a free phone could've gotten one, but they'd "heard bad things" about that model.

    18. When someone got a free turkey and retaliated with a nasty review.

    19. When someone called someone a "lazy bitch" because they wouldn't drive some free chairs to 'em.

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    20. When someone could've had a free banner for their YouTube channel but chose rudeness and impatience instead.

    21. When someone could've had a free game, but needed the deal sweetened.

    22. When this person could've had free swim lessons for their kid until they drowned in their own impatience.

    23. When someone could've had free shelves but they were like, "Hmm, what else can I have?"

    24. And finally, when someone got a free exam and free glasses, only to leave AN UNHINGED, NEGATIVE REVIEW IN ALL CAPS!!!!!

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