22 Mistakes Workers Made That You Can't Even Be Mad At Because Technically, They Did Their Job

    If "Oops, oh well" was a person.

    1. Whoever made this sign to guide customers to the nearest 24-hour pharmacy.

    A sign about the nearest 24-hour pharmacy, and it's a pharmacy whose hours are 9–5

    2. Whoever wrote this headline that's trying to draw clicks while spoiling one crucial detail.

    CNBC headline: "This is how much a $1.7 million Bugatti costs"

    3. Whoever painted this photo in great detail, watermark included.

    "Make everything better" sign in a café with "Shutterstock" in the background

    4. Whoever was responsible for covering this hole in the most lazy (albeit creative) way possible.

    Handwritten sign "There was a hole here; it's gone now" on a wall above a sink

    5. Whoever put watermelon in this bin that's definitely not labeled for watermelon.

    Bin with "Onions: 5 lb bag $5 each" and "Potatoes" written on it, with whole watermelons in it

    6. Whoever installed this faucet.

    A faucet that's not long enough to clear the side of the basin

    7. Whoever made the signs and prices for nonmembers and members.

    Price for blueberries is $5 for members and nonmembers

    8. Whoever prepared this package.

    9. Whoever was responsible for the text on this cup.

    "Love, piece, joy"

    10. Whoever confused Avatar: The Last Airbender with Avatar, the James Cameron movie franchise...

    Avatar, the Last Airbender on the label of a T-shirt with images of Avatars on it

    ...I mean, come on.

    Close-up of the label

    11. Whoever stamped the expiration date on the hamburger buns, literally.

    Hamburger buns with expiration dates on the actual bread

    12. Whoever did this paint job a little too thoroughly.

    A painted light bulb

    13. Whoever refilled these candy dispensers.

    Large bags of candy stuffed into the dispenser instead of loose candies

    14. Whoever was responsible for putting clothes on this mannequin.

    15. Whoever put the maintenance-hole cover back like this.

    Pattern on the cover is the reverse of the rest of the street

    16. Whoever filled this can labeled "BLACK BEANS."

    Red beans inside a ban labeled "Black beans"

    17. Whoever decided all fruits and vegetables are interchangeable, even when you're trying to teach kids about 'em.

    "Pineapple" label for a potato, "grapes" for a tomato, and "cherry" for a red bell pepper

    18. Whoever was responsible for putting a restaurant logo on the payment booklet.

    "Restaurant logo here" on the booklet

    19. Whoever put together this sign advertising fruits and vegetables.

    "Fruits and vegetables" heading with a bunch of "Your text here" below it

    20. Whoever was responsible for painting, not the handling or disposal of roaches.

    A painted-over roach on a wall

    21. Whoever had the simple job of coming up with five words that start with "C":

    "Pictionary starts with C," followed by "Chain, mobile phone, camera, cliff, and coat hanger"

    22. And finally, whoever chose these spotty, green, moldy-looking sheets to separate these slices of cheese.

    A packet of cheese slices that look like they have mold on them