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    I'm Trying The Rock's "Jumanji" Workout For Two Months, Here's How Week 1 Went

    All the highlights (and lowlights)!

    Yo! I'm Christopher "The Paper, Scissors" Hudspeth and as I said last week, I'm trying Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Jumanji workout for two months. Here's how the first week went.

    If you've followed The Rock's social media, you know that he works out EARLY. Like 4 a.m. early. He jumpstarts his day before everyone else, a method he credits for separating himself from his competition. I think that's a really dope mindset and I wanted to adopt that relentless, early-bird state of mind, so I set an alarm to wake up early as hell on Monday.

    @TheRock / Via

    And technically I did wake up early on Monday, but then I turned off my alarm, went back to sleep, and didn't workout until the evening. Same thing happened Tuesday. And Wednesday. Oh, also Thursday. HOWEVER, I had a small victory when I got my ass up and went to the gym at 6 a.m. on Friday.

    @cehudspeth / Via Instagram: @cehudspeth

    Did I have a stressful dream that contributed to me waking up? Yes. Did I get there at 6 a.m. instead of 4 a.m.? Yes. Is this anywhere near as intense as what The Rock does on a regular basis? No, but BABY STEPS or whatever, y'know?

    In recent years, I've wanted to be a morning gym person, but I enjoy staying up late, so it's always a struggle. I'd still love to make the change because THERE ARE SO MANY PROS TO WORKING OUT EARLY.

    @cehudspeth / Via Instagram: @cehudspeth

    - Fewer people, which means more equipment available.

    - I legitimately feel bouncy and energized when I get moving in the morning. Sometimes I'm a bit sluggish during evening workouts because I've been at the office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I believe I operate at the same percentage my phone charge is at, starting the day at 100%, dwindling down to 70% or so by 5 p.m., and always at risk to suddenly drop down to 20% and turn on "Low Power Mode."

    - I go to a gym smack dab in the middle of Hollywood, so it's very gross/disorganized! But when you go in the morning...well, it's still gross, but it's slightly less disorganized, so it's easier to find a matching set of weights. Otherwise, they're usually reracked in the wrong spot or discarded wherever.

    - Personally, when I've worked out early, it motivates me to eat cleaner throughout the day so I don't negate the benefits of my workout.

    The workouts actually went GREAT. Seriously, I was drenched in sweat and felt the blood flowing after each one! The way this program is set up, you start the week hitting back and chest, so your upper body is feeling it, then you do legs in the middle of the week, giving your upper body a rest. Heads up, if you do the leg workout from this routine, know in advance that you might just leave the gym like this:

    DailyFail1 / Via

    I followed the workouts pretty strictly, but I do plan to occasionally throw in extra exercises if I feel I have the energy. For example, I added in some kettlebell sumo squats on leg day.

    Shoulders (Thursday) and arm day (Friday) were probably my favorite workouts. They provide a pump that makes you feel swole for the rest of the day. Although weekends are off days, I was feeling sprightly on Saturday (and I'd skipped cardio Thursday, shh), so I finished Week 1 with some sprints.

    @cehudspeth / Via Instagram: @cehudspeth

    As for the dieting aspect of things, I mentioned last week that I wanted to eat mostly clean — like a 90/10 situation. Unfortunately, Skittles happened. This is what my desk looked like more often than not, all week:


    There are large jars around the BuzzFeed office and they have a seemingly endless supply of miniature chocolate bars and packs of candy. It's like all the good shit you wanted as a kid on Halloween sitting right across from you on a daily basis. I clearly lacked discipline and it led to me tasting the rainbow — again and again and again.

    Then, I went out a couple of times over the long holiday weekend and I had things like cauliflower wings, sandwiches, a bean burrito, some pizza, a slice of cake, tequila (The Rock loves tequila so that's probably fine), and other things that are delicious but not part of the diet I planned to adopt.


    The tequila also led to me feeling...less than 100% on Monday, which led to a sluggish workout. So, I will be more disciplined in Week 2, which isn't hard because I set the bar low in Week 1, but still, I plan to crank this thing up a couple notches and really get into it.

    Here are the GOALS FOR WEEK 2:


    - Get at least two morning workouts in.

    - Lift heavier weights than I did in Week 1.

    - No fast food.

    - No alcohol.


    I'll be here if you want to follow the experience or join in on the fun. Otherwise, I'll be back next Monday to recap Week 2! Let's go!

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