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    I Tried Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s New Under Armour Headphones And Here’s How They Are

    You've smelled what The Rock's cooking, now you can hear what he's dropping.

    Hi, I’m Christopher and I’m a fan and supporter of all things Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Seriously, he could sell a line of kitchen knives and I'd try 'em. He could star in a movie playing a kitchen knife salesman and guess what? I'd watch it.

    Recently, The Rock’s Under Armour Project Rock collection unveiled new wireless, in-ear headphones with JBL and fortunately I got to give them a go!

    @therock / Via

    The wireless earbuds I'd been using for the past several months were made by a company called Funcl. They've been amazing and they're affordable, so I felt bad for cheating on them, but I was excited to try headphones geared toward intense fitness.

    First and foremost, I’ve got to say — if you’re someone who cares about appearances, these are quite possibly the coolest looking earbuds ever.

    Christopher Hudspeth / BuzzFeed

    The headphones come in a sleek gold and black case that slides open AND charges them. (They also provide a much smaller, black, plastic case that you can keep them in.)

    Christopher Hudspeth / BuzzFeed, Under Armour

    Appearances aside, the Rock said these headphones are “engineered for the hardest workouts" and "highest quality of sound,” so I decided to try them in two different environments — in the office and at the gym.

    Christopher Hudspeth / BuzzFeed

    When I used 'em while working (sitting around on a laptop), they did a remarkable job of drowning out surrounding sound which is great when you're trying to focus.

    As you can see below, these things have a LONG LIST of features. One that came in handy at work was the talk-thru technology.

    Under Armour

    Whenever someone spoke to me, I got to utilize this convenient little feature by pressing the bull on the left headphone, prompting the music to continue playing at a lowered volume while allowing me to clearly hear what the person was saying without removing the headphones. 'Twas magical.

    In a world where people won't hesitate to talk to you even if you have headphones in, this feature is an invaluable one.

    At the gym, I REALLY put the headphones to the test by stretching, jogging, lifting, and sprinting to see how they held up along the way. They never so much as wobbled the entire time.

    Paramount Pictures

    They fit snugly in your ears and because all you hear is your music, you really lock in and focus throughout your workout. I WAS FEELING GOOD.


    @therock / Via

    1. As someone who has lost multiple pairs of headphones, the carabiner clip on the charging case is clutch.

    2. I'm definitely just living off the high of having an exciting new product, but my workouts have felt enhanced since using this. Again, it's just me psyching myself out like I do when I get a new pair of compression pants, but I'm going to ride the wave.

    3. Whether you're in a crowded gym or an empty bedroom, if your goal is to FOCUS, these can most certainly help you do that!

    You can buy the UA True Wireless Flash Project Rock Edition Headphones here.

    The Project Rock in-ear headphones were provided to BuzzFeed free of charge, though my opinions on the product are fully my own.

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