24 Disney+ Jokes Now That We've Had A Few Days To Process It

    "Can’t wait to go home and eat a Kid's Cuisine and watch The Luck of the Irish like it’s 2008 again."


    So I tried finessing this guy into sharing his Disney+ account with me and this is what he sends me 😭


    jus got disney+ and it’s such a trip to think that last time i saw these disney channel movies i was probably sippin on a caprisun or sumn and now im 4 white claws in ready for halloween town 2 let’s get it


    can’t wait to go home and eat a kids cuisine and watch the luck of the irish like it’s 2008 again


    2005 me watching Even Stevens after school vs. 2019 me watching Even Stevens after work #DisneyPlus


    Nobody: Disney+ Subscriber: Alright so here's what I watched so far...


    #DisneyPlus in the 90s was that spoiled cousin who had this set up:


    When I’m watching the 90s X-men series on Disney plus and it ask me to skip the into


    fuck sex can you come over to watch Disney plus and have a sing along to every movie? we still fuckin’ but let’s sing first.


    The internet: You should watch Gargoyles! The Mandalorian! Marvel Movies! DuckTales! Me continuing to only watch Kim Possible:


    how I’m looking at everyone paying for Disney+ but they phones don’t work when it’s time to order the Uber


    Oh it's 2005 and you want to watch a Disney Channel Original Movie? Your options include: -Phil of the Future falls in love with a hologram -A leprechaun plays basketball -Aly & AJ make yogurt -Maddie from Zack & Cody sings -Lizzie McGuire joins the military


    Woke up at 1:30am, turned over and saw my husband eating a damn sandwich while watching one of the marvel movies on Disney+. He had work in just a few hours and there he was livin his best life. He basically said “fuck them kids AND MY WIFE” he didn’t even ask me to join LOL 😂


    Disney+: “are you still watching?” Us:


    disney channel not putting life with derek on disney+ because they KNOW they were wrong for what they did


    Disney+ prompted me to SKIP the That’s So Raven theme song, as if I would EVER!


    Might fuck around and buy Disney+ only to watch Heavyweights everyday for the next year


    Here’s my breakdown of the final play in Double Teamed. Quite possibly the worst movie scene of all time.


    y’all use disney+ to watch Brother Bear but won’t check up on your Brothers and see that they’re going through shit that is too much to Bear


    DISNEY+: Nod along as your friends stan all the Disney Channel content you pretended to have seen in middle school when actually you didn’t have cable at home! 🙃✌️


    uh @disneyplus y’all got any more of them mandalorian episodes done yet


    What was life like before Disney Plus?


    Those who work from home during #DisneyPlus launch day 🤣


    Me after watching Disney + with my friends


    Apple Music, Netflix, and Disney+ fighting for the last $9.99 in my account