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    19 Photos That Are Going To Make You Say, "Who The Heck Designed That?"

    How did nobody catch these?

    1. Spider-Man's peculiar positioning on this box of tissues.

    realgrandpa / Via

    2. This fruit that's **cked with nutrients.

    RetroMemez420 / Via

    3. This super poorly placed wall painting above a water fountain.

    ComunistCow / Via

    4. This second-degree murder headline placed directly above a pie-eating contestant's face.

    GallowBoob / Via

    5. These rainbow sprinkles that have veggies on the label for some reason.

    decept / Via

    6. These socks that say "I ❤ Gym."

    atteros806 / Via

    7. This 2-year-old's birthday cake decorations that look like a very bad word.

    randyfloyd37 / Via

    8. This menu for healthy burgers that looks like it's telling folks to heal thy burgers.

    deadpoolyes / Via

    9. These glasses that chose to feature a toddler holding wine on the box.

    pochama55 / Via

    10. This yoga mat that's meant to be inspiring, but it's nearly impossible to see.

    skankyfish / Via

    11. This disaster of a postcard FROM A DESIGN SCHOOL.

    edrini / Via

    12. This wrapper that's meant to display cotton candy, but looks like a farting peep.

    mmcalli / Via

    13. This backpack that reminds people to not go drugs AND to do school.

    Natalie_Winter / Via

    14. This scratch remover packaging that covers the "after" results with the bottle.

    yma789 / Via

    15. This maze for children that actually doesn't have a way out.

    MyBoener / Via

    16. This sign encouraging you to "bee" yourself, with a picture of a wasp.

    Ferosso / Via

    17. This "meat hello" clock.

    Unmecaupif / Via

    18. This watercolor set that looks like it's labeled, "fine fart."

    Cocaine_Kitty / Via

    19. And finally, this ad designed by someone who was too lazy to actually photoshop that card into the woman's hand.

    TheNakedWorm / Via

    H/T to r/crappydesign.

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