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15 Really Magnificent Pumpkin Carvings That'll Impress You Or Make You LOL

A+ creativity!

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1. This pooping pumpkin.

boredparalegal / Via

2. This beautiful, plump pumpkin burger.

redrosie2010 / Via

3. This pumpkin based on an iconic scene from The Walking Dead where Negan smashed Glenn's head.

redonculous / AMC / Via

4. This pregnant pumpkin giving birth, pumpkin seed tears and all.

my_milkshakes / Via

5. These highly detailed boxing pumpkins.

TheHipIngton / Via

6. This aggressive pumpkin that's chomping down on another poor pumpkin.

NightStriider / Via

7. This leg-snatching, zombified pumpkin.

chestney / Via

8. These giant pumpkin eyeballs.

fat_electrician / Via

9. This smashing pumpkin featuring Nigel Thornberry's face.

Garth2076 / Via

10. This incredible Samuel Adams pumpkin filled with pumpkin ale.

Pulsewavemodulator / Via

11. This cleverly done pumpkin pi.

polkadotfuzz / Via

12. This incredibly on point House pumpkin carving.

reiter761 / Via

13. There are also pumpkins that are a little too spooky, like this low battery carving.

fordr015 / Via

14. Or this eerie reminder of financial debt.

rufusjonz / Via

15. And finally, this pumpkin displaying something that's truly deeply disturbing.

I_like_ducks_123 / Via

H/T r/funny.

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