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    20 Examples Of The Mandela Effect That’ll Make You Believe You’re In A Parallel Universe

    Maybe it’s parallel universes or time travel, maybe it’s just bad memory — either way, it’s fascinating.

    1. “Oscar Meyer” isn’t spelled that way.

    2. The show isn't called Sex in the City.

    3. “We Are the Champions” by Queen ends differently than many recall.

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    Many of those familiar with the song remember the final lyrics being “No time for losers, ’cause we are the champions…of the world!” Guess what? There is no “of the world!” The song just ends, and it’s driving people crazy because they feel 100% sure that they’ve heard otherwise in the past.

    4. People think the Monopoly man, Rich Uncle Pennybags, has a monocle, but he doesn’t.

    5. The tip of Pikachu’s tail isn’t black.

    6. "The Berenstein Bears" are actually called "the Berenstain Bears."

    7. Curious George never had a tail.

    8. Chick-fil-A is not spelled Chic-fil-A, or Chik-fil-A.

    9. Darth Vader doesn’t say, “Luke, I am your father.”

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    “Luke, I am your father” is one of the most famous phrases from film, but many are discovering that it's not what Darth Vader said. He actually says, “No, I am your father.” So, is this just a misremembered movie line or did some otherworldly shenanigans take place? This isn’t the only Star Wars–related Mandela effect instance…

    10. C-3PO isn’t all gold.

    11. Mister Rogers' theme song opening line is different than people remember.

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    During the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood intro, he’d sing a little jingle that many people remember beginning with the line, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.” That’s not what it was, though — instead, he clearly states, “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,” which just doesn’t sound right to those who feel like they know the correct wording without a shadow of a doubt.

    12. People think the Mona Lisa is smiling now, but she used to be emotionless.

    13. Kit Kat doesn’t have a dash.

    14. People remember a Sinbad genie movie from the ’90s, but there isn’t one.

    15. Life isn’t like a box of chocolates.

    16. Hannibal Lecter never said “Hello, Clarice.”

    17. Interview With the Vampire isn’t called Interview With a Vampire.

    18. The Queen in Snow White never said, “Mirror, mirror on the wall.”

    19. Jiffy peanut butter doesn’t exist.

    20. Fruit Loops is actually spelled “Froot Loops.”

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