17 Poorly Designed Things That Make Santa Look Like Kind Of A Weirdo

    "Santa, please stop."

    1. This ad that makes it look like Santa is being real flirty and showing some leg.

    2. Santa's face on this shower cap that's partially blocked by the packaging.

    3. This Santa who appears to be exposing himself.

    4. This Santa who looks like he's peeing on a stack of pancakes.

    5. This book's title that makes Santa sound super sketchy.

    6. The awkward positioning of Santa and Rudolph on this shower curtain.

    7. The Santa on this Christmas card who looks like he's about to eat a turd.

    8. This Santa who just honestly has a terrifying face.

    9. This Santa who looks like he's stashing the souls of children in his creepy beard.

    10. This sign that reads like someone is pleading with Santa to stop.

    11. This Santa who's got a very specific-looking shape to him.

    12. This ornament that says "Santa's cam," although it looks a lot like something else.

    13. This Santa napkin holder that just doesn't look right.

    14. This Santa hat that looks like it says "Santa shat."

    15. The Santa on these leggings whose hands appear to be in the crotch area.

    16. This statue of Santa looking like he's on something.

    17. And finally, this Santa doll that's just got a lot of poor design going on all around.

    H/T: r/CrappyDesign.