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15 Coffee Shops That Are Going To Make You Ask, “Why Doesn’t EVERY Coffee Shop Have That?!”

So much caffeine, so much brilliance!

1. This cafe that offers balls of honey to drop in your tea for maximum convenience.

2. This cafe that keeps your drink cold with frozen coffee cubes so it doesn't get watered down.

3. This coffee shop that has signs so you can let others know they're welcome to join you without actually speaking.

4. This cafe that offers timers so you can let your tea steep the proper amount of time.

5. This cafe's water that's placed above plants, so any extra dripping doesn't go to waste.

6. This coffee shop that dispenses milk and cream via a beer tap.

7. This cafe that offers "pay it forward" tokens so you can help out those in need or do a good deed just because.

8. This cafe that uses pasta as stirrers instead of plastic or wood.

9. This coffee shop's chart that explains what ingredients are in each option.

10. This coffee shop that has a nifty secret menu visible in the the mirror behind the counter.

11. This cafe that provides water at two different temperatures to suit different teas.

12. This cafe that can print a picture of you onto your latte.

13. This cafe that offers half-priced coffee if you say, "please."

14. This coffee shop that has wireless chargers installed in the tables.

15. And finally, this Starbucks that provides you with live video of the barista that's taking your order.