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    16 Things You Haven't Thought About Since Christmas As A Kid, But Will Immediately Remember

    Fa-la-la flashbacks.

    1. These lit up ceramic Christmas trees that your grandparents probably had.

    coffeeblossom / Via

    2. Sucking on candy canes to turn them into dangerously sharp objects that looked like this.

    nitzschker / Via

    3. The thick Christmas catalogs Toys "R" Us would release every year.

    TestZero / Via

    4. These fancy holiday-themed hard candies.

    happytrails1 / Via

    5. The classic Elf Bowling computer game.


    6. The Campbell's Soup snowman commercial that aired around the holidays.


    7. Or this classic commercial, where a couple of M&M's run into Santa that still seems to air every year.

    Mars, Incorporated

    8. As does this one, with Hershey's Kisses ringing like jingle bells.


    9. Seasonal holiday cereals like the Cap'N Crunch that came with sprinkled frosting.

    US_Multiculturalist / Via

    10. Old Christmas lights that looked like this.

    junkremovalguy / Via

    11. Seeing Coca-Cola's Christmas polar bear ads everywhere.

    Sassinak / Via

    12. The beautiful schedule of programming on ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas.

    hinjew13 / Via

    13. Seasonal beverages like Holiday Spice Pepsi.

    Kelso22340 / Via

    14. Getting these LifeSavers candy gift books in your stocking.

    byeharbor / Via

    15. Getting these gift certificates that you could spend like cash at McDonald's.


    16. And finally, playing with the cardboard tube from a finished roll of wrapping paper like a sword.

    JoeEstevez / Via

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