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    17 People Who Lacked A Single Crumb Of Self-Awareness While Asking To Borrow Or Buy A Car

    You'll never want to sell (or lend) your car after seeing this!

    Usually when you need a favor or want to score a deal you're on your best behavior. Well, some folks seem to have a different approach, living in their own little world where they're entitled to whatever they want. In this case, it's cars. People who need rides, or want to borrow someone's car, or want to buy someone's car for less than it's worth. And instead of being respectful or logical, they're being rude and ridiculous. Scroll down and see for yourself...


    1. This person who had a lot of sass and nerve when inquiring about a car.

    2. This person who is really mad that nobody is just giving them a car.

    3. This person asking, no, demanding that someone lend them a car in the middle of the night.

    4. This person offering 0.2 percent of a car's value as if it's a fine deal.

    5. This person who isn't offering anything, but wants rides to work or an entire car.

    6. This person seeking repairs on their "unfixable" car without the guarantee of payment.

    7. This person who wanted to borrow their friend's car and dictate how long they'd keep it.

    8. This person hellbent on dangerously testing a car out before buying.

    9. This person who wants a car held exclusively for them.

    10. This person who casually requests a nice-ass car for a cheap-ass price.

    11. This person who insisted on a Christmas miracle-sized discount.

    12. This person asking about a cheap fixer-upper vehicle, but wanting it repaired in advance.

    13. This lowball offer before a minor meltdown.

    14. This person who wants a car that's already been purchased, for less money than it was sold for.

    15. This person asking to be given a number of things during their birthday month, including a car.

    16. This person who has a small request for their Facebook friends — "give me a car, no questions asked."

    Someone asks their Facebook friends to give them a car, "no questions asked"
    TitoOfTheMIA / Via

    17. And finally, this person who found the idea of paying someone for giving them a ride to and from an appointment absolutely unfathomable.