21 People Who Just Wanted To Sell Stuff Online But Encountered The Worst Potential Buyers

    "Since you won this TV in a raffle, donate it to me instead of selling it for money."

    1. This person trying to get a 50% discount.

    "Wow your a jerk"

    2. These people inquiring about a TV that was won in a raffle.

    "How about selling it for what your raffle ticket cost?"

    3. This person declaring that they're haggling.

    "Not everything I'm haggling"

    4. This person who says they want a discount or they're going to give a bad review.

    "if you not need my offer is ok, but the the advertise is miss some detail hoping for improvement for next customer but i sadnly cannot rate you more then 1 star reviews sorry"

    5. And look here, it's another discount-or-I'll-leave-a-bad-review type.

    "I will put 1 star for you then if you not give me discount"

    6. This person casually offering $2,000 less than the asking price.

    "I can only do 1500"

    7. This person who did a trash job of negotiating with an artist in every way.

    "You'll regret not working for cheap in times of crisis."

    8. This person whose offers are going in the wrong direction.

    "Um thats less money?"

    9. This person's spiel in an effort to lower the price of a Gucci bag.

    "250 is too expensive"

    10. This person who agreed to pay $180 for a cellphone, then tried to casually drop the price by 105 bucks.

    "You need to go inside and turn yourself in for trying to rob me."

    11. This person trying (and failing) to wheel and deal for a bicycle.

    "Ok alrite fine man Ill giv u 220 ways ur address"

    12. This person trying to find a way to make money for picking up a FREE microwave.

    "Ok I can't go there just for a microwave unless you pay me $25 for gas"

    13. This person trying to finesse free work from a mobile app maker.

    "you tell me the idea and I make the app and get 100% of the profits"

    14. This angry person with hostile negotiation tactics.

    "Fuxk you."

    15. This person who tried to show up with $370 for a $600 item.

    "fuck you no is going to buy it for that price"

    16. This person with the strange, senseless strategy.

    "Am I just supposed to take your word on it being vintage?!?"

    17. This person's brilliant attempt at getting a discount.

    "Okay $125"

    18. This offer on a $300 asking price that got ignored.


    19. This person who has a daughter and wanted a phone for cheap.

    "Go to hell with u 500"

    20. This person's uncreative attempt at scoring a free sofa.

    "It will be $90 to steal the couch"

    21. And finally, this person who got what they deserved for their ridiculous lowballing.