18 Childhood Foods And Drinks That Completely Vanished Without You Noticing Until Right Now

    Where'd you go? I miss you so. Seems like it's been forever that you've been gone.

    1. Remember Certs? What happened to them?! They went missing and we just moved on to Altoids and Tic Tacs. They're not the only thing we just forgot about, here's more stuff that just presto-magic disappeared.

    2. This delicious-ass Bubblicious cotton candy gum.

    3. Mouthwatering Altoids Sours.

    4. This version of Nestea. Yes, it still exists, but this can design and the snowman commercials are long gone.

    5. These luxury desserts from Viennetta.

    6. The tastiest drink found in countless high school vending machines in the mid-2000s: Fruitopia.

    7. The greatest hard candy of all time, strawberries and cream Creme Savers (which I've come very close to finding).

    8. These Kellogg's Cereal Straws.

    9. These glorious Doritos 3Ds.

    10. The limited edition Pokémon Pop-Tarts featuring tasty little sprinkles.

    11. The most '90s beverage concept to ever exist, Orbitz.

    12. These little jugs filled with fruity powder that I'm not even sure had an official name.

    13. These long lost gems: Lifesavers Holes.

    14. This provider of sugary energy sparks: Vault.

    15. The most slept-on gummy bear to ever grace our mouths with its presence: Amazin' Fruit.

    16. This unique set of drinks known as Snapple Elements.

    17. These P.B. Crisps that Planters is absolutely nuts for getting rid of.

    18. And finally, Squeezit, a delicious, sugary drink that so many of us were blessed to find in our lunchbox, but now they're gone. The only reminder of their existence is an old, sad, blurry image of them circulating online. Sad day!