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    15 Brides, Grooms, And Wedding Guests Who Are Very Much In The Wrong And So Oblivious About It

    Imagine deciding you want cake and cutting yourself a slice before the bride and groom have touched it.

    1. This bride who thinks the best man's wife planned her pregnancy's timing to steal attention from her wedding.

    a person saying they're so mad the best man's wife is due with a baby around the time of their wedding

    2. This person who is upset at her maid of honor for not...getting her ears pierced for their wedding.

    a woman saying she's upset that her maid of honor won't get her ears pierced and then posting their conversation

    3. This person who complained about their maid of honor to a group that included their maid of honor.

    a person asking for advice about her maid of honor and the maid of honor responding, "Did you forget I was part of this group?"

    4. This disgusting person who spoke incredibly disrespectfully about a potential bridesmaid's child and got called out for it.

    a woman saying she doesn't want her friend's 3-year-old to be a flower girl because she "remembered how terribly ugly the kid is"

    5. This couple who thinks their 20K combined followers warrant brand deals, aka free stuff given to them for their wedding.

    a request for brand deals

    6. This newlywed couple who made a post in a wedding planning group (filled with people who are also about to get married) asking them to send celebratory "dinner" money.

    picture of the bride and groom getting married and then a QR code to send money

    7. This person who got rid of their hair and makeup artist, largely because she didn't want kids and marriage too.

    a rant that the bride wants to ask for a refund because the stylist doesn't mind having kids without being married

    8. This actual non-guest who sent this incomprehensible message in anticipation of being invited.

    a person declining an invite to a wedding because they are attracted to the bride

    9. This person who boasted about faking a negative COVID test to travel and get married.

    a person's Instagram caption that they faked a negative COVID test to travel overseas for their wedding

    10. This guest who texted the bride TWO HOURS BEFORE THE WEDDING asking for help finding a ride.

    phone showing text messages asking for the ride

    11. This person throwing a bit of a tantrum because nobody has gotten them gifts for their looming wedding.

    a person ranting because no one has bought stuff from their wedding registry three months before their wedding

    12. This person's non-invitation that's shamelessly requesting money.

    a person saying they're sad they can't invite people but welcome contributions to their honeymoon fund

    13. This wedding guest who CUT THE UNCUT WEDDING CAKE and had the first slice.

    a guest cutting a wedding cake and posting it to TikTok

    14. This person whose sister is mad at them for wanting to use the color dusty rose at their wedding.

    a bride asking for advice because her sister's mad that she chose her preferred wedding color

    15. And finally, this bride-to-be who simply refuses to give her best friend a plus-one to her wedding even though she has a long-term boyfriend who helped introduce her to her soon-to-be husband, and is seeking assurance on Facebook that disinviting her is the way to go.

    bride's rant about a friend who's upset that her long-term boyfriend isn't invited to the bride's wedding because only people in "committed" relationships are allowed to bring a plus-one