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    14 Times Boston Dynamics Robots Were Gallons And Gallons Of Nightmare Fuel

    We're so screwed.

    1. First, look at this robot casually stepping from side to side. Nothing too too crazy, right?

    2. Now, look at the robot doing a little jump and shuffling like an LMFAO song is playing.

    3. Then you've got other robots that can stand upright and stomp with a purpose.

    4. Look, these things are legitimately capable of running!

    5. And people run tests on these robots doing things like programming them to pick up a box, then slapping the box out of their lil' robot hands and pushing 'em in the chest...

    6. ...and continuing to troll them by swiping the box out of their reach.

    7. Or Sparta-kicking them to test their balance.

    8. Look at this guy just straight-up shoving a robot in the back like a school bully.

    9. And look at the robot standing back up on its own, looking fully capable of seeking revenge.

    10. There's this box-jumping CrossFit robot.

    11. IT CAN DO A FREAKIN' BACKFLIP! (Also, it raised its arms in celebration after sticking the landing which is even creepier.)

    12. Then there's this robot that was programmed to open a door, but a guy impedes the process, swatting its hand away with a stick.

    13. And aggressively dragging it away from the door.

    14. But guess what? It didn't matter because the robot relentlessly attempted to perform the task it was programmed to do, which, sure, it's cool to see amazing technology but what if it were programmed to destroy humans? We'd all be so very screwed!