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17 Bars That Are Going To Make You Wonder Why Every Bar Doesn't Have These Things

Levitating drinks?!

1. This bar that has a strip of frostiness to keep your drink ice cold.

Wolfos31 / Via

2. This bar that has a beer stock market, changing the prices every 15 minutes based on supply and demand.

JordanDryce / Via

3. This screen that displays beer options, and how much each one has left in the keg.

dylanm561 / Via

4. And this super helpful beer guide that helps people have some idea what their taste buds are in for.

Ralome / Via

5. This bar's paper towel holder that has a USB charger.

Eatyurneighbors / Via

6. And even more impressive โ€” this bar that has rentable lockers for people to charge their phones in.

westcoast_eastsider / Via

7. This bar that rewarded someone who drank responsibly and left their car in the parking lot overnight.

rawdr / Via

8. This bar that has headrests above the urinals, which seems unsanitary, but is a thoughtful offering for drunken bathroom breaks.

oxfordattic / Via

9. This urinal that has a soccer goal and a movable ball.

shma1214 / Via

10. The glass windows in this restroom that allow folks to watch TV while they relieve themselves.

rearle / Via

11. This toilet for your mouth if you have to go number three.

Luis_9466 / Via

12. This bar that uses the magic of magnets to serve levitating drinks.

beanyburger / Via

13. These fitted TV trays given to people who order food at the bar.

L0nkFromPA / Via

14. This bar that has the sink outside of the restroom so EVERYONE can see any person who doesn't wash their hands.

Urgadur / Via

15. This bar that wants to make certain nobody's night gets ruined.

PotatoeClock / Via

16. And this bar that posted a sign in the women's restroom in case someone is making them uncomfortable.

singularfunzone / Via

17. And finally, this breathalyzer setup for people to check their blood alcohol before leaving.

ilovethishole / Via

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