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31 Times People Stopped, Stepped Back, Looked At Their Work, And Said, "Yep, I'm Done Here"

Perfectionists they are NOT.

1. Whoever put the manhole cover back like this.

2. Whoever was responsible for putting clothes on this mannequin.

3. Whoever prepared this package.

4. Whoever went rogue with their spelling of Sacramento.

5. Whoever filled this can labeled BLACK BEANS.

6. Whoever figured a silhouette of Texas would suffice here.

7. Whoever was responsible for applying security tags.

8. Whoever put together this sign advertising fruits and vegetables.

9. Whoever decided all fruits and vegetables are interchangeable, even when you're trying to teach kids about 'em.

10. Whoever aligned these stovetops.

11. Whoever displayed this jumbled message on the stairs.

12. Whoever put these boxes on the shelf and dipped out.

13. Whoever was like, "Butt, but, whatever, it's all the same."

14. Whoever created this makeshift sign to enforce mask rules.

15. Whoever came up with this solution to hold up a shelf.

16. Whoever had all the right words, just not the best positioning.

17. Whoever lined this field.

18. Whoever put together this pastry section, which 100% features an open box of Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes.

19. Whoever stocked this shelf, even if the product belongs in a refrigerator.

20. Whoever was responsible for restocking the fridge, not handling signs.

Hmmm from NotMyJob

21. Whoever decided the produce section and the bakery go hand in hand.

22. Whoever was speeding through their shift as a scammer and forgot to plug in an actual name.

23. Whoever missed a rather important "D."

24. Whoever..."repaired" these walls.

25. Whoever forked up the labeling here.

26. Whoever figured the floor might get a little wet, but the faucet is near the sink, so it's fine.

27. Whoever technically added the weather graphic, but nothing else.

28. Whoever chose these spotty, green, moldy-looking sheets to separate these slices of cheese.

29. Whoever was responsible solely for painting and not the handling or disposal of roaches.

30. Whoever didn't care to save a couple letters and write "cell" instead of "mobile." 

31. And finally, whoever thought partially handling a spider problem was worthy of an announcement.