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    There's An Allegedly "Cursed" Horror Movie Called "Antrum" That's Supposedly Dangerous To Even Watch

    "The deadliest film ever made."

    If you haven't heard, there's a movie called Antrum that's allegedly cursed. The film came out in 2018, but it's had a rise in popularity recently amongst TikTokers.

    Here's how the movie is described on Amazon (where it's free if you have Prime, or available for rent/purchase).

    Even the trailer opens with a little message saying this...

    And this...

    And this.

    There's even a legal notice at the start of the film that pretty much says, "If you die from watching this movie, it ain't on us."

    I watched the trailer and it definitely has a super creepy vibe to it (except for this moment).

    So naturally, some brave souls on TikTok have been watching and discussing Antrum.

    Though it's been hyped up, there are some folks providing reminders that it's just a horror film with no real risk to watching it.

    Me: “Antrum is a found footage style horror film. It wasn’t made in the 70s, the curse isn’t real, no one died because of if” Every comment on that video: I can’t believe you watched it and risked being cursed. You can’t prove it’s not real.” W H A T

    When there are new horror films sparking conversation, usually I'll check 'em out and sacrifice my own comfort to provide full recaps to people who can't handle watching scary movies, but I think I'll sit this one out for now because frankly, I don't feel like testing the universe at the moment. Plus, satanic horrors are my least favorite (but most effective) type.

    Here's Antrum's trailer, for your cursed consideration. If you're feeling brave, you can rent or buy it on Amazon, YouTube, or Google Play.

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