21 Of The Most "Um, OK, But Nobody Asked" Screenshots You'll Ever See

    Deeply desperate for attention.

    1. This retired nice guy who is putting the world on notice because he might just steal your girlfriend.

    Text saying that he's done being the nice guy and giving love and affection or settling down and is back to "breakin hearts and breakin backs"

    2. This person who complimented someone's art, then went on a humble-bragging rant.

    3. This person's weirdly hostile comment on a video about someone rehabbing a tarantula.

    4. This person harmlessly shared their night out playing bingo.

    Screenshot of bingo card with text "mad night out"

    And some super-edgy person responded with this nonsense.

    Text saying THEIR mad night involves three fights with people, getting stabbed, getting searched by cops, then getting drunk and going home to a girl

    5. This weird person's unnecessary comment on a post about a deadly car accident.

    Person posts a photo of a car that drove off an overpass onto I-75 near Marietta, Georgia, and says RIP to the 33-year-old who died in it, and person responds, "I have lived in Marietta for 26 years and never made that mistake"

    6. This person who left a vulgar comment on a chill meme.

    7. This person's comment on a post about The Dark Knight Rises.

    8. This person who went on a bit of an unpleasant rant in their Tinder bio.

    9. This person who started a convo just to say that they have a boyfriend.

    Person likes someone's pic and tells the person they're fit, and when the person says thanks, the person says they have a boyfriend sorry

    10. This person who definitely needs to vent but chose a strange place to do it.

    11. This person who thinks they're better than everyone else because they have a TV and like looking at the moon.

    12. This person.

    13. And this person.

    14. This person who saw a story about an accident and chose to leave this comment.

    15. This person whose offer to help came with ulterior motives to divulge fitness information.

    16. This person's story about being kicked out of a gym.

    Person says they were asked to leave Planet Fitness because a member said their bulge made them uncomfortable during their workout

    17. This person who posted this on Facebook.

    18. This person bragging about allegedly completing a high-level English class.

    19. This person trying to one-up a wholesome comment.

    20. This extremely random, out-of-place comment on a story about firefighters being injured.

    21. And finally, this person who took someone's request for hotel recommendations as an opportunity to randomly brag about their budget.

    H/T: r/NobodyAsked.