17 Aesthetically Pleasing Photos That’ll Put You In The Holiday Spirit

    So festive. So soothing.

    1. These Christmas ornaments perfectly organized by color.

    2. The beautiful reflection of these Christmas lights onto the fridge.

    3. This absolutely perfectly wrapped gift.

    4. This library's Christmas tree made from books.

    5. Or this library's impressively stacked tree of books.

    6. The beautiful, faint glow of these colorful Christmas lights underneath snow.

    7. This perfect Christmas tree cut of a cookie.

    8. Or the perfect patterns on these Christmas cookies.

    9. These Christmas ornaments that make it feel like you're moving at hyper speed.

    10. The reflection of these Christmas lights in fountain water.

    11. This flawless, thoroughly decorated, bright and beautiful Christmas tree.

    12. This Christmas tree made from computer monitors.

    13. These perfect tire tracks left in the snow.

    14. These brand new, untangled Christmas lights.

    15. This simple tab that turns your Coca-Cola label into a ribbon.

    16. This tall, colorful tree inside of a gloriously decorated mall.

    17. And finally, the satisfying process of starting to vacuum up the mess left behind after taking down a Christmas tree.