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Name A Time An Actor Played A Role Unlike Their Usual Roles And Was Shockingly Good

Who showed some serious range?

There are actors who you expect to see in certain types of roles. For example, I've been watching Adam Sandler's work for years and I've gotten used to seeing him in comedies.

However, sometimes he'll do something different and really crush the role. For example, he starred in a drama called Reign Over Me that's super emotional and unlike any character I'd seen him play prior.

Or there's Uncut Gems, where Sandler plays a fascinating jeweler in a chaotic film that's definitely not as fun and lighthearted as much of his past work.

This happens sometimes. I'll never forget when I saw Jim Carrey, who I'd only known to be HILARIOUS...

...star in a thriller called The Number 23, in which he plays a dude who develops an unstable obsession with the number 23 after reading a curious book.

It's not just about an actor doing a different genre, it's about their performance having you blown away because it's so different from the characters they've shown you in the past.

So we'd like to know: What actor took a role outside of their norm and absolutely broke a leg? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Your submission could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!