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    15 Screenshots Of People Texting The Wrong Person That Are Like Watching An Actual Nightmare Play Out

    Experience that heart-sinking feeling of texting the wrong person at the expense of others.

    It's a deep fear many of us have. A feasible nightmare come to life. You hit send on a text and then, too late, you realize it's going to the wrong person. Today, we'll take a look at some people who made this dreaded mistake, and we'll feel so much discomfort that maybe we'll all be a little more careful when we text moving forward. Get ready for a bumpy, cringey ride.

    Someone looks nervously at his dad after having sent a text that wasn't meant for him

    1. This person accidentally sent a text about their manager to their manger.

    2. This person unintentionally sent a not-so-nice message with a screenshot of a conversation to the person who had just asked them out.

    3. This person drunkenly sent sexts meant for someone named Joey to their mom.

    Someone accidentally sexts their mother

    4. This person meant to vent to their mom, but instead sent the text to the person the venting was about.

    5. This person accidentally sent an R-rated tweet to their aunt.

    6. This person accidentally roasted someone by sending the burning hot screenshot directly to them.

    7. This person got a flirty message from their crush...only to find that it wasn't intended for them.

    8. This person accidentally texted some trash talk about their date to their date.

    9. This person rudely discussed their date's looks directly to their date.

    10. This person talked about rejecting a date offer directly to the offerer of said date.

    11. This person accidentally mocked someone following up on their date.

    RIP from sadcringe

    12. This person got a message from their crush that probably provided momentary joy, then a bunch of disappointment when they realized it was unintentional.

    13. This person sent someone a screenshot of their conversation then blamed it on a glitch.

    14. This person sent a private message about a student needing help to their entire class.

    15. And finally, this person accidentally sexted someone who they're newly in business with.

    To sum all of that up...

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