9 Strange Stories That Might Make You Believe In Parallel Universes

    What if you found yourself in a parallel dimension?

    1. The dude who showed up at Tokyo International Airport with a passport from a country that doesn't exist called Taured.

    2. Four girls took a wrong turn and found themselves driving in an entirely different, unknown environment.

    3. The green-skinned children who simply just appeared here.

    Woolpit Village sign

    4. The woman who woke up one morning with her life suddenly slightly altered.

    5. The cabin in the Markawasi Stone Forest that leads to a parallel dimension.

    6. The strange man who wound up shipwrecked in Germany from an unknown world.

    7. The man who was teleported to a parallel universe while driving.

    8. The universe in which the Beatles never broke up.

    9. The woman who may have visited a different dimension's darker version of her childhood town.