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26 Of The Highest-Rated TV Show Episodes On IMDb Ever

The final episode of The Office's 9.7 rating is the highest of the series.

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2. Breaking Bad: Season 5, Episode 14 — "Ozymandias"


Two Breaking Bad episodes top the rest with 9.9 ratings. One is the series finale, "Felina," and the other is "Ozymandias," which has a higher number of votes, making it the very top-ranked episode.

4. Sons of Anarchy: Season 3, Episode 13 — "NS"


The highest-rated episode of Sons of Anarchy is the Season 3 finale, sitting at 9.7. Fun fact: The first episode of that season is titled "SO," and the finale is "NS," spelling out "SONS."


8. American Horror Story: Season 2, Episode 10 — "The Name Game"


The highest-rated episode of American Horror Story is "The Name Game," from the Asylum season. It's the only episode of the series to reach as high as 9.0. Interestingly, five of the top 10 highest-rated episodes are also from Season 2.


14. Lost: Season 4, Episode 5 — "The Constant"


There are two episodes of Lost that have 9.7 ratings. One is "Through the Looking Glass," which featured the famous "Not Penny's Boat" scene. The other is "The Constant," and it has the most votes, making it the top-rated.

15. Community: Season 1, Episode 23 — "Modern Warfare"


With a 9.8 rating and more votes than any other episode, "Modern Warfare" tops the rest of the series. This episode was directed by The Fast and the Furious's Justin Lin.


21. Westworld: Season 1, Episode 10 — "The Bicameral Mind"


The final episode of Westworld's first and only season (so far) is its highest-rated, with a 9.7. It also has thousands more votes than any other episode, making it the clear favorite.

24. Rick and Morty: Season 3, Episode 7 — "The Ricklantis Mixup"

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At the time this is being written, Rick and Morty's most recent episode, "The Ricklantis Mixup," is its highest-rated, at 9.9. Impressively, it has more votes than any other episode in the series, less than two weeks after airing.