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    18 "The Crypts Are Safe" Tweets To Laugh At Before "Game Of Thrones" Makes You Cry Tonight

    "There's one thing I'm absolutely certain of in the year of our Lord 2019: The Crypts of Winterfell are not safe."

    1. It's always safe in the crypts.

    And so it begins...Tonight we fight! Thanks the Old Gods, Winterfell crypts are safe though. 😏 #GameOfThrones #ForTheThrone

    2. Super subtle.

    I really loved the subtle foreshadowing in #GoT last night. No place in Winterfell is safer than the crypts. All the women and children are in the crypts, because of how safe they are. Nothing will happen to them down there. In the crypts. The safest place in Winterfell.

    3. Safe crypts = fiction.

    β€œThe crypts are safe.” #GameOfThrones

    4. The Night King's wildest dreams.

    the Night King when he has all the dead starks in the crypts kill everyone in there #GameOfThrones

    5. What is, the dead will rise?

    I’m going to go with the crypts are not actually safe for 1000 please

    6. SO safe.

    Everyone on Game of Thrones tonight: the crypts are very safe, no reason to think anything bad could happen in the crypts, a location we can all agree has been firmly established as, can’t stress this enough, safe Next week on Game of Thrones: so everyone in the crypts is dead

    7. Zombie dance party.

    Winterfell Crypts when the Night King arrives. #GameofThrones

    8. The Night King's new groove.

    @ChrisStoney ah yes the crypts, the safe crypts, the crypts that are the safest, the safest place, the crypts that are a safe place. those crypts?

    9. Repeated mentions.

    When everyone repeatedly mentions how safe the crypts are #GameOfThrones

    10. The "c'mon now" face.

    'The Winterfell Crypts are safe!' Me:

    11. The intellectual face.

    Every Character on Game of Thrones: The Crypts are safe Me, an intellectual:

    12. If the crypts could make a face.

    13. Basic math.

    according to my calculations ━━━━━ ━━ ┃the crypts ┃ ┃are not ┃ ┃ safe ┃ └━━━━━━ β”˜ 7 ┃ 8┃ 9┃ /┃ ━┛━┛━. |━ β”› 4 ┃5 ┃6 ┃ + ┃ ━┛━┛━┛━ β”› 1 ┃ 2 ┃ 3 ┃ = ┃ ━┛━┛━┛━ β”›

    14. Leaked footage:

    Arya and Sansa in the crypts next week

    15. Sometimes you want to knock some sense into 'em.

    Literally everyone in GOT: the crypts are safe me:

    16. Imagine the Morgan Freeman voiceover...

    Everyone: The crypts are safe Narrator: The crypts were not safe

    17. This virtual certainty:

    There's one thing I'm absolutely certain of in the year of our lord 2019: The Crypts of Winterfell are not safe.

    18. Well, next week is here.

    Everyone in #GoT: the crypts are the safest place Me next week:

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