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    18 Facts About The Murder Of Ken Rex McElroy, One Of The Most Interesting Moral Dilemmas Ever

    Vigilante justice is a slippery slope.

    This week's (and previous) episodes of BuzzFeed Unsolved are now available on Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and Roku TV. On this episode, Ryan and Shane investigate the murder of Ken Rex McElroy.

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    1. Ken Rex McElroy was shot dead in Skidmore, Missouri on July 10, 1981.

    2. At some point in his life, McElroy was believed to have been seriously injured on a construction site, causing him to suffer from chronic pain.

    3. McElroy made a living leasing land near his farm, and trading and racing dogs. However, he was also charged with various crimes.

    4. There's a long list of crimes said to have been committed by McElroy, including shooting multiple people.

    5. The stories of McElroy's relationships contain some troubling details, but the information is important to paint the full picture.

    6. One of these women was 24-year-old Trena McCloud, who was McElroy's partner. She was present at the time of his death.

    7. McElroy first began his relationship with McCloud when she was 14 and the two had a child shortly thereafter.

    8. McElroy was also accused of abusing his first two wives, Sharon and Alice, but Alice defended him in an interview shortly after his death.

    9. It's said the county's law enforcement officials were afraid of encountering McElroy, who was known to be heavily armed.

    10. On April 25, 1980 at Ernest "Bo" Bowenkamp's general store, a clerk asked McElroy's 8-year-old daughter to return a piece of candy she had not paid for.

    11. On July 8, 1980, McElroy drove to the alley behind the Bowenkamp general store.

    12. Luckily, Bowenkamp survived, and McElroy was charged with attempted murder.

    13. McElroy was eventually convicted, but the charge was lessened from "attempt to kill" to "knowingly caused serious physical injury" to ensure a conviction. He was freed on bond.

    14. Shortly after being released, McElroy was at D&G Tavern making threats about murdering Bowenkamp.

    15. Only July 10, 1981, there was a meeting at the town hall, down the street from D&G Tavern. As many as 60 Skidmore residents attended, including the mayor and the sheriff.

    16. Those in attendance felt the system had failed them, and it seemed like none of the authorities could stop McElroy.

    17. McElroy and Trena returned to the truck, where he lit a cigarette while she was in the passenger seat.

    18. McElroy was hit twice and died. Bullet casings from two different guns were found.

    Vigilante justice is certainly a slippery slope, but after years of dealing with Ken McElroy, the people of Skidmore reached their boiling point.

    Were the citizens justified in taking matters into their own hands? Tell us what you think in the comments below.