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17 Beloved Things From Your Childhood That Aren't Extinct, But Are Super Rare Now

Reptar Bars are an actual thing you can buy now, y'all.

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1. Dunkaroos aren't a fully discontinued treat like many people believe, and if you search the right places you can still find them.

@emb512 / Via

2. Mr. Pibb sightings are rare these days, but if you're lucky you might stumble upon it. Otherwise you'll have to settle for Pibb Extra...

@stephankilgore / Via

3. ...Or another formerly popular drink option.

@soon2bmrsscott57 / Via

4. Reptar Bars, which used to only exist in the Rugrats universe, are now a thing you can actually purchase.

@officialfye / Via

5. Brach's candy stations were the best part of going to the grocery store as a kid, and they're still not COMPLETELY extinct, though they are few and far between these days.

@telebones / Via

6. Space Jam's original website from 1996 remains unchanged on the Interweb.

Warner Bros. / Via

7. Classic rectangle pizza is still alive and well in school cafeterias across the globe.

@sarahdenmark / Via

8. As are Scholastic book orders...

@storiesbystorie / Via

9. And Scholastic book fairs.

@scholasticparents / Via

10. The classic "Super Soaker 50" that served as the water gun of choice throughout many a '90s pool parties, is still sold in plenty of toy sections.

@soledav / Via

11. Fruit Stripe gum is still around, if you're looking for 15 seconds of satisfaction.

@automatik2 / Via

12. Luckily, Big League Chew is still sold too, if you're looking for a longer-lasting nostalgic gum option.

@acsutherland / Via

13. The giant boxes of crayons that have a ton of color options AND a sharpener on the back are still in production...

@choppy_burke / Via

14. And your other favorite retro art supply, those glorious scented markers, are still widely available.

@fivebelow / Via

15. Trix is still serving up yogurt that comes in magnificent flavors like "Strawberry Banana Bash" and "Cotton Candy."

@alexxxa24 / Via

16. The Neopets community is still out there thriving, even if your beloved virtual pets have gone years without being attended to.


17. And finally, your old AIM account still exists at this very moment, though it will be gone forever come December 15, 2017.


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