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17 Things Everyone Who Enjoys Working Out But Hates The Gym Will Know To Be True

Fitness comes at a price.

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1. There's a pesky gym version of the person who sits next to you in an empty movie theater.

2. Your patience will be tested by gymgoers who take generous amounts of rest between sets.

3. Sometimes there are contraptions that you're unsure how to use but too embarrassed to let it be known.

4. There'll always be someone nearby who wants attention, loudly grunting, moaning, or being extra, and you'll just have to roll your eyes and try to ignore their existence.


5. Seemingly every gym bathroom is extremely disgusting and you won't even want to turn on a faucet or touch a door handle. Honestly you won't even want to breathe and risk inhaling a whiff of gym bathroom funk.

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6. Nothing makes you want to take your sweet time more than someone bugging you by asking how many sets you have left, or how long you’re going to be on a machine.

7. On the other hand, people who occupy a machine or bench while they scroll through their phone or casually socialize instead of working out are equally as bad.

8. Sometimes you'll feel like a creeper as you lurk in the distance, waiting for a coveted machine.

9. If you run into long-winded strangers or chatty acquaintances, your workout is going to come to a screeching halt and you'll wish you'd just worked out at home, where you can't be bothered.

10. Headphones serve two purposes in the gym: One is to listen to music, and the other is to use them to pretend you can’t hear anyone foolish enough to speak to you.

11. While exercise is beneficial for the heart, being scared shitless when someone slams weights is not.


12. There's no shortage of funk constantly filling your nostrils. From non-deodorant-wearing, body-odor-reeking people, to monsters who freely let out farts.

13. Couples showing each other affection is their choice, but it's frustrating when they choose to stare into each other's eyes while sitting on a bench that others are waiting to use.

14. It takes every fiber of your being not to call people out when you see them misplacing weights, adding to the gym's disorganized chaos.


15. Gym employees take any opportunity they can get to try to persuade you into paying for a personal trainer.

16. And sure, trainers are beneficial for providing instruction and keeping you motivated, but it can be tough to be completely honest with them, particularly about your diet.

17. But no matter how much you work out, you won't ever let it turn you into one of those rude, judgmental fitness snobs.

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