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17 Little Things That Everybody's Grandparents Had in Their House Growing Up

So many Werther's Originals.

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1. Fruit and vegetable magnets on the refrigerator.

2. A Royal Dansk container filled with sewing materials, or some random items that definitely weren't Danish butter cookies.

@slauler / Via

3. These ribbon candies, which would get stuck together and create a colorful clump.

pamalaswright / Via

4. Or these Strawberry candies, which always seemed to be around for some reason.

@_mzgratefulh / Via

5. And you can't forget about THE classic elderly candy of choice — Werther's Originals.

@stuffoldpeoplelike / Via

6. This style of Tupperware containers.

7. Or, Cool Whip containers being used as Tupperware.


8. Even tubs of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! were masquerading as Tupperware.

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! / Via

9. Iced Oatmeal cookies were definitely stashed somewhere.

@bombfreshcoco / Via

10. There was dinnerware with this design that seemingly everyone remembers.

11. These ceramic trees were on display every Christmas.

@trees_of_christmas_past / Via

12. There was a fancy clock that you wanted to play with but feared you'd break.

Seiko Clocks / Via

13. An incredibly comfortable couch with a very vintage aesthetic.

14. This design of coasters that you probably had to be reminded to use after putting cups directly on tables.

15. Today, or some other morning news program was sure to be on in the a.m.


16. If they had a computer, it was probably something clunky and slow, like a Packard Bell running an old version of Windows.

@joker_the_burning_dracoslayer / Via

17. And of course, for some reason these pesky carpet gripping protector things that seemed to be everywhere.

CKitchen / Via

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